Cosmetic Studio of Leonardo Da Vinci
Cosmetic Studio of Leonardo Da Vinci
Cosmetic Studio of Leonardo Da Vinci. Member reactions:
This is awesome.... unbelievable clean job
AWESOME very well merged. She looks so beautiful her make-up man has done fabulous job
Congratulations on your first ( of many to come, I'm sure) GOLD.

Funny Joan Rivers' Cosmetic Surgeon at Her Tribute Portrait

Joan Rivers' Cosmetic Surgeon at Her Tribute Portrait
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Member reactions:
Excellent, outside of the box tribute, in Rivers' witty style. I assume that's her plastic surgeon on the right
Someone is missing you more then others .
Woody congrats, QMS. Nice to see you back. Beautiful and clean image as always. Like the "Nippan Tuck" clinic badge on Dr. Frank N. Steinberg.
Really well built chop. Congrats on the cup

Funny iPad Interactive Cosmetic Tablet

iPad Interactive Cosmetic Tablet
Member reactions:
Clever and very fashionably looking too. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Funny Raphael Painting With Cosmetic Surgery

Raphael Painting With Cosmetic Surgery
These days it's all about "the beautiful people". For this I used photoshop like a plastic surgeons scalpel manipulating what was there already.
Member reactions:
Hey you've created a true Holly-charmer now. Great idea and execution.
Thanks. Not sure what a Holly-charmer is but the idea was to (I never tried this) work without any use of the paintbrush tool. Just what was there, using mostly liquify and smudge, with dodge, burn, clone and image adjustments to alter colors.
Holly-charmer is Hollywood charmer in my book You've accomplished a lot without using paintbrush tool.'s a fun experience, though I don't know how it would fly on something less organic.

Funny Michael Jackson on Cosmetic Surgery Weekly

Michael Jackson on Cosmetic Surgery Weekly

Funny Full Cosmetics Jacket

Full Cosmetics Jacket
When I saw the pic I had to think about this movie ad. I think the final result is nice. What do you think.
Member reactions:
Man. I'm so happy.. I finally won... Yeah.. Thanks to all who voted..

Funny Cosmetic Swan

Cosmetic Swan
For those who may not know, 'The Swan' is a TV show where women who consider themselves 'ugly' are transformed into Barbie doll beauty queens with lots of cosmetic surgery.
Member reactions:
What . No "and if you act right now we'll send you a ____________ absolutely free" gift .

Funny Courtney Love Cosmetics

Courtney Love Cosmetics

Funny Baby Boo Boo Cosmetics

Baby Boo Boo Cosmetics
Somethings never change. Odd.
Member reactions:
I think this would have done better if it had been bigger.
A child's hand would have looked good too.
Biggest that I found. I don't own TV but apparently the Honey Boo Boo is a big deal. Like I said some things never change. The adult hand was part of the original ad. I think that's what they thought made the concept. ; )

Funny Surreal Cosmetics Adevertisement

Surreal Cosmetics Adevertisement
Can this stuff help the poor little guy.

Funny Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Products
Create new cosmetic products (perfumes, lipsticks, etc.) that have never been seen before. Feel free to use Celebrities or Politicians as your theme or spokesperson, but not required.

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