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Funny Cosby Pictures

Bill Cosby To Have New SitcomFunny Bill Cosby To Have New Sitcom
Member reactions:
BillCosby is working on a new sitcom.
Yet another one... oh boy. Hitman.
Great job. love the Cosby caricature especially might have been nice to have Bill looking at the viewer and the shady brother looking more at him (nitpick)

Bill Cosby With No NoseFunny Bill Cosby With No Nose
Member reactions:

Bill Cosby
nice to see ya back Mundo, thought this one for the top ten at least

Mr. Bill Cosby Lazy EyesFunny Mr. Bill Cosby Lazy Eyes
Member reactions:
Mr. Bill Cosby
Very clear work. The hand on the face is something special
nice work, the masking in the lower left is an issue though, should've cropped that out.

Tyra Banks Merged with Bill CosbyFunny Tyra Banks Merged with Bill Cosby
Member reactions:

Tyra Banks Source Bill Cosby Source

Denzel Washington + Bill CosbyFunny Denzel Washington + Bill Cosby
Member reactions:

He ain't no Fat Albert. Obee Kaybee... Denzel Washington & Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby's HookahFunny Bill Cosby's Hookah
Member reactions:

Hide the jello pudding pops, Bill's got the munchie's again.

Kofi Annan + Bill CosbyFunny Kofi Annan + Bill Cosby
Member reactions:

Bill Cosby and Kofi
Subtle. Kofi's eye isn't as sharp as Bill's.
Balanced a lot more towards Kofi than Bill---but the blending is nicely done.

Bill Clinton CosbyFunny Bill Clinton Cosby
Member reactions:

Bill Cosby Basketball PS2Funny Bill Cosby Basketball PS2
Member reactions:

AARP Live with Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby as a WomanFunny Bill Cosby as a Woman
Member reactions:

Bill Cosby

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