Corrida Flies Out of the Painting
Corrida Flies Out of the Painting
Corrida Flies Out of the Painting. Member reactions:
This is REALLY good. The only thing that needs fixing is the perspective on the right side of the title placard. It needs to be horizontal and then it would be perfect.
i like this. motion blur is usually only from the direction the object is coming from. i can't really tell if the guy is jumping at the bull or if he was hit by it. i like the colors though.

Funny Corrida Missed the bull

Corrida Missed the bull
It's got stuff with things n bit
Member reactions:
This is funny. Good with the motion blur too. Clever putting the tiny FN sign in the back.
That's the secret Irish FN head quarters Shhhhhhhhhhh
Hahaha, freaking hilarious. Looks real too. and thanks for the FN reference
I'll keep the location a secret Thanx for the comments.

Funny Corrida with the Wall Street Bull

Corrida with the Wall Street Bull

Funny Bull Chasing a Corrida

Bull Chasing a Corrida

Funny Patchwork Corrida Cape

Patchwork Corrida Cape

Funny Corrida Stabbing a Bull

Corrida Stabbing a Bull
Member reactions:
you took him from one position to another congratulations you modified the picture by "a little bit" pat yourself on the back you did the "possible"
Isn't that what the apprentice contest is abou TJSlim..
It's true that there isn't anything imaginative happening (maybe put wings or high flyer rig on him so *something* different is in the picture.) But I have to say it is a REALLY good job of masking the ground and of cutting the guy out.
There is a clone pattern visable. The little stone is a give away and it looks like you cloned a lot more than you needed to, but what do I know, I'm drunk too
For a beginner, it is really good though. They just need to clone from more places and do it more often. (Alt+click) But if you didn't know the guy had been standing there, it isn't screaming at you that he used to be. If hidden author doesn't want to put wings on the guy, how about sticking the matador or what ever he is in a hang-glider. At the moment I am not drunk.
thanks for your comments. i'm not offended for what you had said, thus this encourage me to make better image manipulation
if you used cs5's content aware fill healing brush, you could vary the brush size some more to randomize the texture pattern.

Funny Mr. Bean Corrida at the Beach

Mr. Bean Corrida at the Beach

Funny La Corrida Manet Painting With Paramedics

La Corrida Manet Painting With Paramedics

Funny Corrida

Member reactions:
Work looks pretty clean but the subject matter is a bit controversial.

Funny Corrida

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