Corporate fragrance of space
Corporate fragrance of space
Corporate fragrance of space. Member reactions:
Very nicely done, OTake. Bronze congrats.

Funny James Carney Corporate Raiders

James Carney Corporate Raiders
Member reactions:
Brilliant work, though, sorry but I will complain about the face. If the face is to be transformed, his distinct face features need to be exaggerated, not changed for the opposite. Carney has (in real life) a rounded oval face with full cheeks. Changing his face to narrow-pointy with hollow cheeks makes him recognizable only by his eyes and the glasses. I see you straightened his hair too, while he's got bushy hair in real life. Such transformations, for me, take away from otherwise outstanding work here. The flags over the crossed Obama sign are really clever.
Now we're talking - great edit. and congrats on the bronze, Hitman.
Bronze Congratulations HitMan. Precision Work.
Bronze congrats, Tim. Unbelievably close.

Funny Morris Minor Corporate Jet

Morris Minor Corporate Jet
I'm not sure I'd trust that pilot.
Member reactions:
And the Gentile is the A&P Mechanic so, watch yer' inflation pressure, Captain. Funny chop.
Awesome concept of FN Jet and a bird crashed to it DMan looks dull to see this accident
Congrats, on the Bronze......Paul. Great work,my friend.
Great stuff. Congrats on the Bronze (shoulda been Gold).
Great stuff. Congrats on the Bronze (shoulda been Gold).

Funny Corporate Indifference

Corporate Indifference

Funny Corporate Gambling Conference

Corporate Gambling Conference
Corporate Gambling...Place your Bets..

Funny Corporate Horse

Corporate Horse

Funny Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the Corporate Ladder
When there's no corporate ladder to climb, there's only one other way up...

Funny Corporate Logo Cookies

Corporate Logo Cookies
lot of work on this guys..... please give ur suggestion I hope u like it
Member reactions:
OK, so whom does the cookie monster work for.
all in one entry. good ideas and works of time. I like this.

Funny Corporate

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Funny Corporate Religion

Corporate Religion
Member reactions:
I love it. Great concept, well done

Funny Corporate Training

Corporate Training
This Tuesday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this corporate training image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-dressing the people at this corporate training meeting, designing a poster using this corporate training image, putting the trainees into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Simon Gray and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Corporate Currency

Corporate Currency
Disney dollars are used as a local currency in the Disney parks, stores and resorts. They are redeemable for real cash (exchange ratio 1:1), or can be kept as souvenirs. Every year Disney company comes up with new designs for its currency, and such bills are collector items for notaphilists (paper money collectors). Photoshop corporate currency from any company. How would Google dollar look like? Toyota dollar? AOL dollar, Lego dollar? You are welcome to use company products (or even logos) as the central part of your banknote, instead of the "presidents". You can design your entries as US dollars, euros, or any other currency. Take a look at one good example.

Funny Corporate Logos in Food

Corporate Logos in Food
Corporate world is using more and more food types to establish brand recognition. In this contest you are asked to use any food types to bear famous company logos in one way or another - food shape, food paint job, etc.

Funny Corporate Animals?

Corporate Animals?
Put adverts or corporate logos on animals. Putting "corporate outfit" on animals is a plus.

Funny Corporate Mergers

Corporate Mergers
Merge two companies' logos/images/trademarks together. Creating a "merged" product, service, or advert a plus.

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