The little corporal
The little corporal
The little corporal. Member reactions:
One of the best in the show. Looks real. Congrats on the wood, Denlig.

Funny Confederate Corporal Matthew McConaughey

Confederate Corporal Matthew McConaughey
Matthew's great granddad Zebulon Ashtabula McConaughey fought with Hood's Texas Brigade for much of the Civil War. Shot himself in the foot on the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Cited for both bravery and malicious drinking in March of 1865. He was the first openly gay Civil War soldier. After the war, he became a close personal friend of Walt Whitman and later helped in the launching of famed animal crackers in 1882.
Member reactions:
Excellent vintage take here - looks genuine.

Funny Memories of Corporal Sanchez

Memories of Corporal Sanchez

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