Sick Bear in the corner
Sick Bear in the corner
Sick Bear in the corner. Member reactions:
All rats

Funny Queens Corner at Buckingham Palace

Queens Corner at Buckingham Palace
Member reactions:
all queens at one place in different dresses Hilarious to see that dog
Pretty cool

Funny Dress in the Corner of the Room

Dress in the Corner of the Room
the lamp base is the dress
Member reactions:
Nice, but I think the black lines on the sides are not needed

Funny Simon Cowell Puts Contestant in the Corner

Simon Cowell Puts Contestant in the Corner
Member reactions:
Looks like the English bloke is ready for the elimination process. You captured the moment.
Great charactiturizing. Is that even a word. "One more time" and the knife are priceless
Congrats Rainman.. I agree with Hit, Great Charactiturizing, LoL
LOVE the face expression, the caricature, and the whole composition.
Thanks all This was soft focus attempt.
AmaZing one AZ I thought funkwood who made it congrats on the bronze and keep up top chops
The expression is priceless, quality work Rainman

Funny In Sitting on a Chair in the Corner

In Sitting on a Chair in the Corner
Last retouch, thanks for wise counsel .
Member reactions:
Nice work here. I am convinced this is an actual photo.
*sings* "... Thats me in the corner... thats me in the spot light losing my religion..." *stops singing*
Did a great job, but I think if you made the shadow on the beak follow the contours of the face and beak a little more and maybe lower the opacity just a tad it would be much more realistic. This way the face looks a little flat to me, but thatís just me. Overall excellent execution Good Luck
Very convincing, nice attention to lighting. I would just darken his feet some. It's a white chair, so his pink feet should be darker than what they are standing on, no.
Nice execution and attention to shadows, also idea is nice and require some imagination. Well done. Maybe just lil size of the bird and this will be done.
Yep... the boids too big. But brill composition... love it. Little more work and you are smokin. Great job.
Editing really brought this to life. Nice work.
, this is looking so great. My only suggestion now is to make that shadow at base of his bill not so dark - similar to the stripe shadow on his ... . Then, you could have a winner.
I think this is the most visually interesting of the lot. Very ambitious too. Shadows are difficult (for me anyway). I'm just wondering if it should be a bit fuzzier (but this is not a suggestion, just something to expereiment with). For example, the shadow of the top of the chair closest to the wall would be a bit sharper than the shadow of the forward chair leg (which is further from the wall). For this purpose, I'd use the blur tool, set kinda low, and just run over it selectively by hand (though maybe there's a more advanced gradient way to do the same thing).
Beautifully done. After the edit, I would never guess it's not a real photo, should I have seen it outside of contest
Congrats on the win apraxine, AND on your first gold. You were the only one stopping mean chopping machine Hamid from having a clean sweep
Tell me about it.. Seriously Congrats again, it was a great Chop...

Funny Joggers Turning a Corner

Joggers Turning a Corner

Funny Kitten Behind the Corner

Kitten Behind the Corner
Photoshop this behind the corner image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: showing the what creatures or objects may wait for the kitten behind the corner, putting the the kitten into some new environment, using this behind the corner image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Iva Villi and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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