Bad Cop and Good Cop
Bad Cop and Good Cop
Bad Cop and Good Cop. Member reactions:
I like how you used the faint color on the background for depth perception.
The washed out look adds depth to the foreground.
Andrew.... Great chop and congrats on the silver

Funny Snoop Dogg Gets Cop In Trouble

Snoop Dogg Gets Cop In Trouble
Texas Cop Psych Evaluated Snoop Dog causes Texas Cop to get psychological reprogramming
Member reactions:
Super Chopp'n, Hidden. The news story makes about as much sense as a child being expelled from school for carving a gun shape out in the pizza crust he's eating. The trooper posed for a photo with a celebrity FGS.
Congrats Tim. Awesome work and excellent caricature...One of the best to date that I've seen from you.
Thanks Dan, apparently the judges disagreed . Appreciate the votes folks
Just love your chops, fantastic work, congrats on the win.
Wild chopping with great art skills, mister. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Cops Conga Line

Cops Conga Line

Funny Time Person of the Year Lego Bad Cop

Time Person of the Year Lego Bad Cop
There is no good cop.
Member reactions:
Excellent and out of the box. Did you use your own lego to prepare the background .
Yes. Much to my nephew's dismay. I had to dismantle one of his creations.
Extra kudos for doing some lego work for the contest too. Very creative and very topical to the current events
A stunning work of lego art, love it.. Congrats on the Bronze IcyAll..

Funny Cop Steals Caramel Popcorn From Store

Cop Steals Caramel Popcorn From Store
Cop pleads guilty to stealing popcorn Is that our own, very talented, Bob Rafto with the popcorn.
Member reactions:
You gave our Bob a nice grandma haircut, hahaha.
Mine does the same thing. Awkward length. Well, it used to when I had some Nice tribute/ News dealy, Doc. Top 5

Funny The World's First Skateboarding Cop

The World's First Skateboarding Cop
The worlds' first skateboarding cop.
Member reactions:
I like skateboard. This is new style of catching the thief with tasty food, Amazing Blue and Red signal....
The right man in the right place . Wellcome back.
Oh, boy... is that a torn off foot in a shoe. This cop surely gets around
Thanks, Newsy, its420 and D-Man. It IS an actual photograph. .

Funny Chips Cops in California with a Cow

Chips Cops in California with a Cow
I imagined the chips as police of the far west ... with a nice hat for cowboys. The "COW C.H.I.P.S" I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE IDEA. my source images:
Member reactions:
Brilliant, pro work. The unresized view is breathtaking.
I like the sun here, and you played with the lights. Amazing chop.
Excellent work... Yeah, it is a cool idea. I own that same model gun in Ponch's holster. Would know it anywhere. It is a German J.P. Sauer & Sohn, {Montanna Marshal} 44 magnum imported by Hawes firearms. Good choice hahahaah well done.
hidden. I suppose if you have to have a reputation over guns, too many is better than too few. At least some other country won't be getting any silly ideas about invading us At my old home we had a private gun range and would shoot all the time. We have a range in the family but it takes a long time to drive out to the property so I don't get to shoot much. I would think Italy would arm everyone since your country has invaded and has been invaded since the dawn of time, practically . It is an Italian/American tradition here for Italians to own guns Heheheheh. I took a picture of my gun for you. 44 Mag
No words to express how impressive are these caricature.
Wonderful composition and execution, great caricatures and the colors are sweet I don't think that fence is going to hold that giant cow, though Splendid Chopping.
RickyTrek Wins Silver. Congratulations RT-1.
Great chop so congrats on silver Rickytrek1 and good choice with Chip's.
Always brilliant my friend. I will frame this one Congrats on the silver... Take care of my gun hehehe.
A wonderful chop of Chips carictures, Ricky. Congratulations winning the Silver.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky quite the impressive show of work in this FS.

Funny Chris Christie the Dancing Cop

Chris Christie the Dancing Cop
Member reactions:
Looks like he's angry but he's dancing, like in Indian movies, hahaha.

Funny Dennis Farina as a Cop

Dennis Farina as a Cop

Funny Carpet Cop Rajeshstar

Carpet Cop Rajeshstar
Your Turn in the Barrel A tribute to a great guy
Member reactions:
It is a parody on crossed/mixed cultures. Rajesh is depicted as a western policeman who just gave a ticket (fine) to a man who's magic carpet is a gross polluter. We get tickets here if our vehicles pollute the air. (give off too much smoke) Does that help. The man on the carpet complains.
Ah ha,,, the carpet was smoking. I thought the guy on the carped pooted and that was what made it "Stinky". Just kidden. Good work.
Haha Gummy
Amazing Work done by Rajesh Excellent Caricature Nice Concept selection
Amazing caricature and fantastic tribute Cool officer
Thanks man.... you have made my day.. i can't imagine to look like this Put some Six Pack on my abs next time Awesome job done
A six pack on your abs,,, looks like he put the whole keg on there.
Ahh, great chop of Rajesh. Congrats on the wood, Hits.
Another poignant story spoken by Officer HitSpinner. Fine tribute.
We already do that Silvercanine. I did grab his photo off his facebook which is pretty much fair game to choppers hahahaha. If I don't want a pic published or chopped nobody will ever see it. Thanks so much everybody. Gotta run..... BBL

Funny Pepper Spraying Cop

Pepper Spraying Cop
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. The subject of today's photo is a pepper-spraying cop at UC Davis, California. The officer, whose name is Lieutenant John Pike became known simply as 'Pepper Spraying Cop' online, after he was captured on video dousing the faces of sitting protesters. Photoshop mockery of the pepper spraying cop turned into an Internet craze. Photoshop this image of pepper spraying cop any way you wish. Some examples are - making this pepper spraying cop perform more stunts, designing a poster with this spraying cop, using this pepper spraying cop image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to preemiememe for the contest suggestion.

Funny Cop

Photoshop this cop image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-dressing the cop, placing him in some new or unusual environment. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Troy Newell and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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