Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper.

Funny Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper
Now this would be newsworthy.

Funny Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper
Member reactions:
I was going for Elf but Martian works TY
Good chop but difference in size looks excessive to me.

Funny Sheldon Cooper Finds Water On Mars

Sheldon Cooper Finds Water On Mars
Water Big Bang Sheldon finds a fish on Mars
Member reactions:
Thank you very much. It is not a stock chop and paste, it is illustrated based in 3D.
Congrats on the Bronze. Can gummy borrow that fish for BotS.
Pretty cool splash. Congrats on the bronze, Hits.

Funny Alice Cooper the Mutant Monster

Alice Cooper the Mutant Monster
Member reactions:
Ohhhh brought your A game Congrats on the cup.... U Dun Gud heheheheh lots and lots of goodies to look at
Thanks crafty,Joan,Eric,Luciano,Hitspinner the great,Pc and Bob
Nice Job, and congrats on the trophy AndWhat. Alice and the snake had great times together. Nice chop.
Thanks Splat,silver and Awesome.Its Miss Andwhat awesome

Funny Anderson Cooper and Tim Cook in Love

Anderson Cooper and Tim Cook in Love
Member reactions:
Tim cook looks quite blurry. Great job otherwise.

Funny Sheldon Cooper Carves A Block Of Snow on Pi Day

Sheldon Cooper Carves A Block Of Snow on Pi Day
Member reactions:
LoL Good job
Could be much better but tools are kept in an unnatural way.
Thanks, everyone.
You got me at Shel... I love that guy. Jim Parson chops rock. Thanks and congrats, Doc.

Funny Sniper Bradley Cooper

Sniper Bradley Cooper
Member reactions:
This 'Sniper' is spelled with 4-"i's" - Ah, ha.
Simple and silly Thanks to Luciano, eric, Swash, Balodiya, and Triplex
Congratz on the Silly Silver You picked a Great Movie to work your magic, and the chalk graffiti perfect.
Hi-Yo Silver, Tim. Congrats. Excellent.
Ete can see you have worked hard Tim ...
, I appreciate the attempt, Chris hahahah. I thought you might be speaking French, then ete I caught the typo

Funny Alice Cooper in Drag

Alice Cooper in Drag
Member reactions:
Scary, you have been a busy boy HoHouse x

Funny Bradley Cooper as Elvis

Bradley Cooper as Elvis

Funny Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper
American rock singer Alice Cooper celebrates his 60th birthday today. Cooper's career spans for more than five decades. His extravagant theatrical stage performances and songs became known as "shock rock". In one of the interviews he said, - "we created shock rock to get away from politics". To mark the 60th birthday of Alice Cooper photoshop him anyway you wish. Some examples are - Alice in paintings and movies, what alternative career Cooper might have chosen, merging Alice Cooper with other celebrities or animals, etc.

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