Vlad is cool
Vlad is cool
Vlad is cool.

Funny Cool couple

Cool couple

Funny Keepin Cool

Keepin Cool
With triple-digit temps, staying cool takes creativity
Member reactions:
nice strong image. i think it will look better with the purple removed from the upper legs though. maybe add shade on the right leg from the paw of the polar bear..
I had a major malfunction going on there. How's this.
I had a partial layer all cut up. Fixed a couple of other things too. Thanks for the heads up.
Great . His eyes look different in dimension, is that intentional .
It has been warm. Congrats on the silver, pro work..
Silver Congrats DDog, awesome work. Bear has great character.
congrats dd. all the little touching ups really paid off. it looks pretty darn good. i wish i had your blending skills.
knew it would finish high. congrats on silver DD
Super Image, DD. The bear's face is great. Congrats on the cup.

Funny I'm A Fat Cool Dude

I'm A Fat Cool Dude

Funny LL Cool J

LL Cool J

Funny Mark Hamill in Cool Hand Luke

Mark Hamill in Cool Hand Luke
Member reactions:

Funny Cool Jazz Digital Art

Cool Jazz Digital Art

Funny Cool Alien Spaceship

Cool Alien Spaceship
Member reactions:
The Open Window..... from there your father gone to the outer world anytime he can come back --- Says my Mom when i was a child like this concept and i can see this turning into a reality

Funny Cool Reverand Squirrel

Cool Reverand Squirrel
Member reactions:
Cool critter
This Squirrel is really cool and rock like the goggles and the chain really hot

Funny Cool Red Hot Rod

Cool Red Hot Rod
Member reactions:
Boy...this ride is going to hurt a LOT. Ouch. Looks cool-nice paint job.

Funny Global Cooling

Global Cooling
It's deja vu all over again - fierce winter storm hit Midwest with snow and wind, Eastern US is blanketed in snow, parts of Europe and UK are paralyzed with record snowfalls. As our very own Johnx1 reports from Scotland "...just been on the news that now it's so cold that all the snow plow blades and breaking. So now they can't clear roads at all." Photoshop anything connected to the recent heavy snowfalls and low temperatures (anywhere in the world). E.g. feel free to create advertisements for any businesses / services that adjust to snowfalls and low temperatures. Show the new "global cooling" tourism posters for any region or country. These are just some ideas. Go with the snow!

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