Michelle Obama Cooking in Kenya
Michelle Obama Cooking in Kenya
Michelle Obama Cooking in Kenya.

Funny OPEC cooking Thanksgiving dish

OPEC cooking Thanksgiving dish
Member reactions:
Hole in the apple is an exact touch. That guy has hole in on the top, not on the bottom.
good to receipe paper on the wall. Nice look of the kitchen.
With oil prices at actual level, A turkey (I would say a chicken in this case) is what they can buy and eat.
Crazy dish... cooked with 13Kg propane hilarious

Funny Mrs. Tim Cook

Mrs. Tim Cook

Funny Cooked


Funny Flaming Hot Tim Cook

Flaming Hot Tim Cook
Member reactions:
Perfect blending. Love how you did the button, the Apple hat and earrings.

Funny Tim Cook's Apple iPie

Tim Cook's Apple iPie
Cook as a cook. Did you ever notice how much the old apple rainbow logo looks like the gay pride flag. The hardest thing in this entry was creating the pie pan in the shape of the apple logo.
Member reactions:
The gay Apple logo and the apple shaped pie really sell this picture.
Awesome job on the cake pan,very creativeCongrats.


Member reactions:
, that's a nice flashback to our recent Chola contest.

Funny Tim Cook photo cooked

Tim Cook photo cooked
simple chop with a bit of humor
Member reactions:
Looks quite real. Did you shave his eyebrows.
hahah yea, removed eye brows, hair tint, lipstick and neck tatoo oh yah and the ear ring

Funny Hillary Clinton Cooking Obama in a Pot

Hillary Clinton Cooking Obama in a Pot
Member reactions:
It's a Valentine's day of the persons who are in Under World... Its the celebration of darkness over Love good chop like Obama in a Jason Mask
I christen the demon hahahaahah Congrats HoHouse... Pumpkin predator is so cool
I like the word appetable too. Congrats on the wood, HoHouse.
I dig those crazy pumpkins. Great job, congratulations House.

Funny Michelle Obama Cooking Bo the Dog For Dinner

Michelle Obama Cooking Bo the Dog For Dinner
Member reactions:
Yes..O'Bama did say he has a taste for dog meat. Bo your toast.
catfish, collared greens, hush puppies n watermelon
grave meat rosted in full flame. Some dog stuff added for extra taste

Funny Tim Cook

Tim Cook
Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced he is gay in an opinion article for Bloomberg Businessweek. This makes Cook the most influential gay business executive, as the head of the world's most valued company. "Being gay is the greatest gift God has given me," Cook said. Photoshop Tim Cook any way you wish.

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