Michelle Do business And Obama Cooking
Michelle Do business And Obama Cooking
Michelle Do business And Obama Cooking. Used PS CC

Funny Walter White - Cooking Crystal meth

Walter White - Cooking Crystal meth
Next year's chemistry book
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze and your first trophy, afroninjaen. Love this chop.

Funny Kim Jong Un the Chef Cooking a Head

Kim Jong Un the Chef Cooking a Head
North Korea

Funny Chef Jet Li Cooking

Chef Jet Li Cooking

Funny Groundhog Chef Cooking Eggs

Groundhog Chef Cooking Eggs
Member reactions:
really very good, looks soo cute.... it resembles my Granny she used to make egg toast for us great look I love you granny
Interesting cooking hidden ,smells goooood nice dressing as well
You are invited to breakfast if you like eggs thanks Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend.
Congrats Sunshine on the bronze. That little groundhog is making me hungry for eggs.
The 'Perfect Egg' by Sunshine. Congratulations.
Thank you so much Steve, Geriatric, Hitspinner the groundhog will make eggs for everybody.

Funny Obama and Biden Cooking at Inauguration

Obama and Biden Cooking at Inauguration
Member reactions:
LOl The Dog is guarding the Rate Chart with lot of hot dogs on her neck Obama and Biden working harder to collect money for his inauguration
Nice idea and very clean chop, good placement of first lady in the van. freaky dog as well

Funny Chef Cooks His Wife

Chef Cooks His Wife
Man kills and cooks his wife
Member reactions:
Guess he won't be cooking for the Public anymore.
LoLD-Man Ew author...well done
Very scary story.... How can he cook man .... Great chop.. with blood stains over his coat and the flesh all over Ghastly scene displayed over the Stove and the blood all over
I wonder how the story will end - nice chop
Interesting concept and very well executed
Gross but good work. by the way, As I understand it, cannibals don't eat their wives because they are too bitter. They also don't eat divorced men as they are already picked clean.
Its painful entry but tasty as well since you have given a freaky expression to the Killer cook with that Killing look...and the Chocolate flavored blood on his head.. well nice detail in this chop..
Thanks, everybody. Good advice, pacovilla.
Another heart-stopper. Good work and, always, humorous.
I have heard humans taste like pork, nothing beats a big fat baby.
I've read this news too and wondered if anyone would chop it. Glad you did, cause it looks nicely gross.

Funny Cooking the Planet

Cooking the Planet
Global Warming & Climate Change (2011 Durban Conference)
Member reactions:
Very nicely done, and yes, it does look very realistic
Love the symbolism, cause the ho worlds going to hell. What kind of comment is this "Another classic House." don't you mean "odd" House. Tell the true.
Great stuff and I'm sure we are......cooked, that is.

Funny Joe Biden the Chef with a Cooked Obama Turkey

Joe Biden the Chef with a Cooked Obama Turkey
Member reactions:
i have sooo many comments and jokes i COULD say BUT WONT....
Very nice,, checking temprature of turkey... Like it.
ooo doggie im loving your stuff....ing,,,

Funny Man Being Cooked on a Camp Fire

Man Being Cooked on a Camp Fire

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