Convertible Truck
Convertible Truck
Convertible Truck. Member reactions:
A Unique design... The ordinary Van turned into a Luxury SUV.... Nice Innovative design
Very creative and great engineering, Car looks like its flying / on air
Extra kudos for photo-realism. Congrats on the wood, tolego. Great to see you again.

Funny Lonely Girl in a Convertible

Lonely Girl in a Convertible
Her Sister don't like to come with her. So see her feelings, how sad she is now.
Member reactions:
very creative... well done, great ideia.

Funny Convertible Airplane Taking Off

Convertible Airplane Taking Off
Member reactions:
Very funny.....wish it was a little bigger.

Funny Yellow Convertible with Eight Wheels

Yellow Convertible with Eight Wheels
Member reactions:
A little bit of shading needed on the ground by the second tire from the right. Cool car.
Thanks. re did shadows and removed one of the rear turn signals (was starting to bug me )
can you clean up the rear fender right under the marker light. Makes a couple little dips right there. I'd hate to have to buy gas for this thing..
fixed, thanks for spotting it. think I may have pulled the line in slightly when I got rid of the second turn signal.

Funny Ford Mustang Convertible with an Unbrella

Ford Mustang Convertible with an Unbrella
Member reactions:
Who cares if it rains. We've got you covered.

Funny Porche Convertible License Plate

Porche Convertible License Plate
Doctor's Porche

Funny Mustang Convertible

Mustang Convertible
The 2005 Ford Mustang Convertible

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