First Annual Freaking News Photoshop Convention
First Annual Freaking News Photoshop Convention
First Annual Freaking News Photoshop Convention. The Freaking News artists sure like they're enjoying the Las Vegas convention.
Member reactions:
Wonderful caricature . Are these men our top chopper after hours of hard work .
No...this is how they look all the time. .
Fully freaking image and attractive face expression
Methinks these are our top chopper in disguise Bellagio hotel should work
No, these are the top choppers WITHOUT their disguises.
The most funniest part is that torn shirt and the remaining things are just making the chop hilarious good one
Evirio is right. It's an un-retouched photo. .
Truly funny stuff, Congrats on the gold. I was doing well but told Joni, watch the score at the very end and bam up you went. I'm like getting psychic
Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Evirio. Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, Bob.

Funny Rahm Emanuel at the Democrat Convention

Rahm Emanuel at the Democrat Convention
Member reactions:
Excellent work on the face which caricature so well :0 good job with the Democrats logo and the flags well done with the over all chop

Funny GOP's Southern Convention

GOP's Southern Convention

Funny Michael Jackson Convention

Michael Jackson Convention
Member reactions:
Proof that MJ spent a few bucks on cloning research.
I agree with Luna - LOTS of work and many faces - best viewed in full. woman on the left. Who is she. He face looks familiar
The actress is Joan Van Ark, from the "Dallas"/"Knots Landing" days of television. She has most recently done an episode for "Nip/Tuck," which is fitting due to the extreme nature of her own experiences under the knife. After viewing the chop job she did to herself, I can see why dosysod placed her in this montage. Maybe she's attending the conference to get a few more pointers on looking "forever young."

Funny Republican Clown Convention

Republican Clown Convention
The Republicans are at it again. Speaker Dennis Hastert said he was/wasn't aware of Foley's behavior, but the buck stops with Hastert and so he has no intention of resigning. WTF. Read about it here Full View is bigger.
Member reactions:
the is nice executed but kind heavy for my taste, but as i said well executed
Hhahahaa big surprise they are NEVER wrong....the Buck Stopped get on the short bus boys
The circus has left but the clowns stayed

Funny Mammoth on a Flag at the Republican National Convention

Mammoth on a Flag at the Republican National Convention
Seems the contest directions suggest that Republicans are behind the attempted resurrection of the mammoth to replace the old elephant. Here is of the flags from the 2000 Republican National Convention. Flag Source
Member reactions:
great looking flag, the Mammoth looks excellent
Looks realistic to me. Republicans should try it
do this mean the elephant wasnt big enough

Funny Jesus at the Last Supper IBM Convention

Jesus at the Last Supper IBM Convention
Member reactions:
This is brilliant concent and execution. Quite flattering for IBM Full View needed for full effect here
Excellent chop. Very well put together. Great idea and execution. Something that would add to it I feel is a bit of noise on the big screen behind the table to really merge that into the feel of the painting. Andrea Del Sarto would be proud.

Funny Republican Convention

Republican Convention
With the Kerry/Edwards campaign picking up so much speed and momentum after the Democratic Convention, The Republicans felt a little bit of energy needed to be infused into their respective Convention.
Member reactions:
I agree with Dingo on this one. Nice job on Condie..
well done, i like the blend of bush & timberlake's faces
arggg - the bush-head. it was the perfect angle, but i spend 90% of my time on this trying to get it to look right. what would you suggest.
I don't think there's much that could be done to improve Dubya's head, it looks like the original's quality was very low. Other than that, it's a great chop.

Funny DNC Convention Final Tune Up

DNC Convention Final Tune Up
Recharged:check Debbie under the bus:check, check.
Member reactions:
Nice Image, Flinger. Welcome to the site.

Funny Clint Eastwood Talking at a Republican Convention

Clint Eastwood Talking at a Republican Convention
Member reactions:
Nice to see that teddy bear chair being lifted by that small girl

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