Bill control
Bill control
Bill control.

Funny Remote Controlled Biden

Remote Controlled Biden
Member reactions:
With that antenna and high heel skates he looks like a remote controlled devil himself.
Thanks,everyone. Couldn't resist using those skates, Newsy.

Funny Backside control

Backside control

Funny World Control Room

World Control Room
Member reactions:
The face seems to be reused from a previous chop. Please don't re-use the elements you photoshopped for your previous chops, as it falls under the recycling rule and can lead to removal of such entries.

Funny We Control Your Television Set

We Control Your Television Set
The Television is a throwback from the 1960's. One of the most popular T.V. shows at that time,was The creepy Si-Fi Outer Limits. If anyone remembers the show, the title will make sense to you.
Member reactions:
Din't see this show, but the chop would be awesome if not for being quite pixelated

Funny Traffic control

Traffic control

Funny The truth about Mission Control

The truth about Mission Control
What they really do in MCC when the world is not watching.
Member reactions:
I dig watching videos on such huge screens, .

Funny Fight For Your Gun Control Rights Poster

Fight For Your Gun Control Rights Poster
Member reactions:

Funny Donald Trump Rallies Against Gun Control

Donald Trump Rallies Against Gun Control
Donald Trump rallies against gun control in New York
Member reactions:
I like how he's armed to the teeth. He looks like the Rambo badass twin with that wild hair. Some clever posters about "Guns Don't Kill People"
Danger man but he is thinking which gun I will use first .......
Perfect work ... This guy is an armada at himself
Neat and clean, good work as always, hidden. I used to have those shoes...
Awesome caricature of the Heston's substitute
Perfect.... he looks like a salesman of guns... like the poster saying Guns do not kill people and drivers with cell phone... this is real truth
I missed the vote but, it would have been a '10' kind of day if I had voted. Congratulations Dr. Chuckles.

Funny Remote Controlled Jets

Remote Controlled Jets
touch down source

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