Male and Female Remote Controls
Male and Female Remote Controls
Male and Female Remote Controls. Eugene Polley, inventor of the remote control, dies at age 96
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Great concept and good chop. Suggest: Some selective blurring on the faces of the clickers, to smooth out. SO - can now blame Mr. Polley for my incipient laziness.
Thanks Steve... now which of the buttons do you suggest need blurring. p.s. me'missus & I agree that the mute are the ones that get the most wear.
Not the buttons, just the black/gray body faces of the remotes, to the edges of the buttons. Buttons are A-OK.
OK, your suggestion made me smile, and gave me the idea that some of the buttons could get more wear... and i took it from there. Here's the source "pro" image Netflix remote - you'll see the body is shiney plastic whereas the buttons are dulled rubber. Cheers.
I like the way the remote is designed for everybody needs, and more funnier is the mute button if she complains its mutes ha ha ha lovely remotes good news link
Is it working now. how much it cost me hidden
Rajeshstar, take care... she can also decide to zap YOU if you nag HER. and Ericnorthend, they function splendidly and cost very little, but the batteries can get expensive 'cause you'll quickly want to use these contraptions 24/24+7/7. Thanks all.
Sad news. Great chop. Congrats on the wood, GP.
my first "cuillère de bois" MERCI .

Funny Etch-a-Sketch Cockpit Controls

Etch-a-Sketch Cockpit Controls
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Wonderful idea to present the Sktech board in the man-meaty goodness pit very well merged looks great
thanks guys. Yeah Newsy I managed to get exempt from Amazons mandatory over time so dont have to do the 12 hr days 7 days a week. wish i hadnt left sky now . loaded my photoshop onto one of the laptops so bit clunky but getting there. missed this like h.

Funny Green Eyed Alien Controlling Earth Creatures

Green Eyed Alien Controlling Earth Creatures
The Green eyed creature can use its power to pull a normally mild mannered man's head deep up inside.. approach with caution ..
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So, that's why Politicians are so stupid. Another unique TOP chop.
Wild, weird, wacky, and wonderfully done.
This is so funny, I laugh every time I see it. I like the water effect too. I thought it might've been doxie tho cause of the dog.
Only you pree. Did he find anything in there.

Funny George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster

George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster
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Lembrei da montagem do macaquinho que fiz esses dias... . CONGRATULATIONS.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes.
Wood congrats for Ivan too. You're on fire... Congrats.
Excellent work, congrats again Ivan...keep it up.
Ivan this is terrific... i adore his puggy fingers too... congrats...

Funny Border Control Sign

Border Control Sign
Let me OUT... source
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Nice job aging the sign, you should post the source pic so people can see what you have done.

Funny 99% Controlled by the Puppet Masters

99% Controlled by the Puppet Masters
Don't be one of their(1%)Puppets .... How Big Can the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement Grow.

Funny Remote Control Cat Transporter

Remote Control Cat Transporter
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Im sorry but this is way tooo cute I love this one
Beautiful to look at.

Funny Alien Controlling George Bush

Alien Controlling George Bush
Please Preview Full for Details
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Let's put this one on the billboards with the words "Miss us yet." Freaking awesome chop.
Congrats for the gold. Clever chop... I like the details and the concept, everything is amazing.
You bagged another gold nugget, Salis. Congrats.
thanx everybody... appreciate the kind words
amazing work Sal. well deserved goldie...
Grats salis on the golden cup. You are a great creator and a formidable competitor. Very clever chop.
LunaC - Dilemma _ Isabelle , thanx a lot for ur words ..

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Nuke Controls

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Nuke Controls

Funny Lou Dobbs Controlled by Rupert Murdoch

Lou Dobbs Controlled by Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch can buy anyone.
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Quality work, but could you please edit the entry and correct his last name - should be Dobbs, not Dobs
Your absolutely correct. Late night rush work never pays..
He's my conscience. He tells me what's right and wrong.

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