Loosing control
Loosing control
Loosing control.

Funny Trump Rallies Against Gun Control

Trump Rallies Against Gun Control
Donald Trump rallies against gun control in New York. Member reactions:
I like how he's armed to the teeth.He looks like the Rambo badass twin with that wild hair. Some clever posters about "Guns Don't Kill People"
Danger man but he is thinking which gun I will use first .......
Perfect work ... This guy is an armada at himself
Neat and clean, good work as always, hidden. I used to have those shoes...
Awesome caricature of the Heston's substitute
Perfect.... he looks like a salesman of guns... like the poster saying Guns do not kill people and drivers with cell phone... this is real truth
congrats on the gold , excellents jobs , master
I missed the vote but, it would have been a '10' kind of day if I had voted. Congratulations Dr. Chuckles.

Funny Outta Control

Outta  Control

Funny Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control
. Member reactions:
Out of the box, adorable idea and Pigeon with power booster hand and Globs is Awesome work.. Sci-Fi chop
Totally love the pigeon police officer.Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny Gun Control Debate

Gun Control Debate
Senator Feinstein To Introduce Gun-Control Bill

Funny Remote controlled Obama bot

Remote controlled Obama bot
. Member reactions:
Clever wk, lots of small details, good laugh
This explains a lot...
thanks.The first voter gave it a B, unfortunately.
guess he never heared of karma .
Marvelous idea like the concept of making Obama itself a spy gadget and act through a remote controlled device lovely composition of making the Look of Robo and the Eye is coming out to zoom the minute details of information is really freaking
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.... I cant stop my laugh seeing tooth man LL
Jere Jere Jere.Congrats on the gold...

Funny Animal Control

Animal Control
. Member reactions:
Hey he works for American Animal Control department . well done with this new look and the facial expression is great
Interesting and Adventural job found to him.

Funny Etch-a-Sketch Cockpit Controls

Etch-a-Sketch Cockpit Controls
. Member reactions:
Wonderful idea to present the Sktech board in the man-meaty goodness pit very well merged looks great
thanks guys. Yeah Newsy I managed to get exempt from Amazons mandatory over time so dont have to do the 12 hr days 7 days a week. wish i hadnt left sky now .loaded my photoshop onto one of the laptops so bit clunky but getting there. missed this like h.

Funny Green Eyed Alien Controlling Earth Creatures

Green Eyed Alien Controlling Earth Creatures
The Green eyed creature can use its power to pull a normally mild mannered man's head deep up inside.. approach with caution ... Member reactions:
hahahaha tooooo funny.... an excellent job, very good
So, that's why Politicians are so stupid. Another unique TOP chop.
Wild, weird, wacky, and wonderfully done.
This is so funny, I laugh every time I see it.I like the water effect too.I thought it might've been doxie tho cause of the dog.
Only you pree. Did he find anything in there.

Funny George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster

George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster
. Member reactions:
Lembrei da montagem do macaquinho que fiz esses dias... . CONGRATULATIONS.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes.
Wood congrats for Ivan too. You're on fire... Congrats.
Excellent work, congrats again Ivan...keep it up.
Ivan this is terrific... i adore his puggy fingers too... congrats...

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