Bring Under Control
Bring Under Control
Bring Under Control. Member reactions:
I would remove the text portion. Totally unnecessary.
yeah, What Doc said. Even if I could read it, I wouldn't. too much trouble for my 4 second attention span.
Love the chop, but agree, better without text.
Yep, another well skilled chop. You have the hacks. With idioms, the literal elements need to show the interaction visually. Explanations distract. You'll get the hang of it. "Bring under control" might not be the best idiom to choose. And I am not sure it honestly serves as one in English. "Under Control" actually simplifies the statement. The transitive verb is confusing in this case...which is cool and sort of puzzling at the same time. The two words "under control" puts this setting in the present tense as well.

Funny Pope in NSA control center

Pope in NSA control center
You just never know who is watching.

Funny Russian Supply Capsule Is Out Of Control

Russian Supply Capsule Is Out Of Control
A Russian capsule, bringing supplies to the International Space station is spinning out of control
Member reactions:
Explained here why they fight to go to space.
Freaking excellent. The things they carried to space.

Funny Mission Control We Have A Problem

Mission Control We Have A Problem
Easter bunny delivers where ever you may be

Funny Cruz Control

Cruz Control
Is Ted Cruz really Going to win. Donny Deutsch: Ted Cruz Is Sarah Palin, He's 'Completely Unelectable'
Member reactions:
Must be a good speaker looks like animals also excited. nice
Like birth control, Cruz control can fil.
Some conservatives think he has a lot of promise.
Congrats on the Silver, Hobbesart. That smudge technique is working for you. Keep up the good work
Silver congrats hobbes. The bear is a nice touch.
Thank you all. funkwood- I have a lot to learn from you Hitspinner- I still work on my technique. I need to unify my images together. I have to figure out a way to keep them unified. Either they should be photographic or painted. Caricature is new to me so i have a long way.
Ahhh. Maybe this will help. When you mix textures and reduce the grain of an image there are laws. The closer to the lens, the more texture, the further away the softer the focus. In your image the softest and closest is the caricature. It is technically backwards but has enough charm to garner a pass because it sets the figure apart from the rest. Very cool. So it works just fine whereas in other instances it might not. I have done it myself and it is a thin line to straddle. I'd get complaints that the image is too blurry and so forth when they failed to realize the blurriness that was just part of the illustrative style of blending. You can't make em like it, just hope they figure it out from their own experience. Anyway, I scrapped the style and generally stick with standard photographic rules of sharp forward, blur back or everything sharp and zero blur as shot with a flat field lens. And that is all I know about it Be your own advisor, that is really the best advice.
Congratulations, who is Hobbesart though.

Funny Bill control

Bill control

Funny Remote Controlled Biden

Remote Controlled Biden
Member reactions:
With that antenna and high heel skates he looks like a remote controlled devil himself.
Thanks,everyone. Couldn't resist using those skates, Newsy.

Funny Backside control

Backside control

Funny World Control Room

World Control Room
Member reactions:
The face seems to be reused from a previous chop. Please don't re-use the elements you photoshopped for your previous chops, as it falls under the recycling rule and can lead to removal of such entries.

Funny Vintage Car Traffic Control

Vintage Car Traffic Control

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