Trash And Contamination
Trash And Contamination
Trash And Contamination. U.S. Olympic rowers' unisuits offer protection against polluted Rio waters

Funny BP Oil Contamination Logo

BP Oil Contamination Logo
Stunning PR Move.

Funny BP Oil Contamination

BP Oil Contamination
BP (British Petroleum) is under fire for creating the biggest ecological disaster in history. The spilled oil amount in Mexican Gulf is so massive that it's about to reach Florida while the BP's efforts to seal the oil tanker pipe have been unsuccessful. BP's shares lost over $40 billion (about 25% of their value) since the oil spill catastrophe. Show how BP can spill and contaminate with oil about anything - famous places, products, food, movies, paintings, people and animals, etc. Try to include BP logo in your submissions. Here's a good example by Destonio.

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