First Contact
First Contact
First Contact.

Funny We found points of contact

We found points of contact
Erdogan and Putin sealed peace

Funny Michelangelo Contact Lenses Advert

Michelangelo Contact Lenses Advert
David models contact choices for you to choose from.
Member reactions:
Great idea of putting the different shades of eyes with contact lenses well done

Funny After Alien Contact

After Alien Contact
Sources Worked on this one for awhile... took forever to get 'just right' ... anyway don't forget to check out full..
Member reactions:
Full view is impressive. Thanks for showing the sources - I admire how you brought them together in harminy in this sci-fi composition.
Clean work, kept simple and powerful. Nicely done, jman.
What Newsy said and one of the best in the contest. Great work Jman1a, congrats on the Woody.

Funny Full Contact Ice Fishing Sport

Full Contact Ice Fishing Sport
Member reactions:
I like it a lot. Nicely done, and funny. Nice masking, just the slightest hint of a hard edge around the blue and white players face. but very slight and maybe just my imagination.
Thank you pegleg. There is no masking. The head was cut out with the pen tool.
sorry, I just refer to any extraction as "masking" whichever method you prefer, just my slang. I smell a gold here maybe. I think it's great.
You may want to try using the clone tool to get a cleaner edge, otherwise nice job.

Funny Contacts eclipse

Contacts eclipse
Only $19.99 each.
Member reactions:
If looks could kill, I'd be blind
Message unclear. Pupils are nice. Rest of the eyes are unusually white. Much blurriness on skin & hair.
Text spoils it, A classic plain text would look better.
what are the colored squares in the eyes.
Great idea, and scarry look. I'd think twice before going a chick like that on a date

Funny Saddam Contact Fighter

Saddam Contact Fighter
How all wars should be fought

Funny TrumpWorld First Contact

TrumpWorld First Contact

Funny Donald Trump the Year We Make Contact

Donald Trump the Year We Make Contact
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Funny First Contact with Aliens 2015

First Contact with Aliens 2015

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