In the constellation Dogs
In the constellation Dogs
In the constellation Dogs. Member reactions:
The dog's best friend is in space very well done

Funny Woman Under a Wolf Constellation

Woman Under a Wolf Constellation
My digital manipulation based on original drawing by AKU on Flickr
Member reactions:
Nice use of the original drawing
Yes the night is dark but the beauty make it illuminated well done
Fantastic work night and the light so good.

Funny Ophiuchus Constellation Zodiac

Ophiuchus Constellation Zodiac
New Zodiac Sign Dates: Ophiuchus The 13th Sign. Ophiuchus is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is Greek for 'serpent bearer', and it is commonly represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens.
Member reactions:
Well...I guess that means we can't be bosom buddies-eh. Where do you get the description that parallels your message. I checked the additional links provided but....
OK, smart-A. How'm I gonna read the Braille on my flat screen.
a man whipping his snake original.
the description. Quality concept here. I have read this new Zodiac sign news and was a tad confused by it too. Well, we may run a Zodiac contest based on these Zodiac changes.

Funny Michael Jackson Constellation

Michael Jackson Constellation
I think this guy is not a solitaire star
Member reactions:
I mean, this image is from the CD "Moonwalker", the best of Jacko
I think this is one of the most creative concepts in the contest
Very good, as NM said one of the most creative concepts.

Funny Absolut Constellation

Absolut Constellation
Member reactions:
It's true, when we drink it we see stars in our eyes...

Funny Leo Constellation in the Sky

Leo Constellation in the Sky
If only the constellations actually looked like this, it'd be easier to pick them out. (Edited for brightness) Source is a from a rubber stamp I have.
Member reactions:
Lovely image, Leo the Lion shows up nicely now.
I could stare at that constellation all night long
I agree with Mslice it does make you think of the lion king.

Funny Keith Richards Star Constellation

Keith Richards Star Constellation
Member reactions:
"The Human Riff" and "Keef Riffhard" are other names for Keith Richards. The rhythm guitarist for the Rolling Stones.
- Describes him perfectly - His head in the clouds and swimming with stars. Groovy.

Funny Seahorse Star Constellation

Seahorse Star Constellation
...or Constellation Hippocampus...

Funny Women Stars Constellation at Night with a Bra

Women Stars Constellation at Night with a Bra
Member reactions:
This took quite an imagination. zers. Brilliant the way you used the moon & a cloud to fill the bra.

Funny Creation of Adam Star Constellation

Creation of Adam Star Constellation
Member reactions:
Constellation of Michelangelo. Qualuty star work.
Always knew Di Vinci had 'star quality' .

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