Conjoined Twins Al and His Pal Obama
Conjoined Twins Al and His Pal Obama
Conjoined Twins Al and His Pal Obama. Investigative journalists have examined the White House logs for the last 6 years and although it was originally reported that Al Sharpton had been a guest at the White House 82 times in six years, the actual number was closer to 72 due to a few duplicate entries. Conjoined Twins Al and Pal
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Definitely has a certain revolting charm Very nicely done
LOl good alliance.... now at least they work together... well merge
Great idea. I don't agree about merge, Obama face look darker than body while Sharpton face is darker and yellow.
Twisted and excellent work. Might I suggest to add some necks to them

Funny Conjoined twins

Conjoined twins

Funny McCain & Bush - Conjoined Twins Baseball

McCain & Bush - Conjoined Twins Baseball
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Thanks to my fellow posters on Table Talk for suggestion.
The idea is excellent but I'd suggest using higher r5esolution source images.

Funny Conjoined Seahorses

Conjoined Seahorses

Funny Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins
Conjoined twins are two people whose bodies are joined together. Usually they want to separate, since it's impossible to make independent decisions as you are joined with your relative for the rest of your life. In other words it's like a marriage in Arkansas. In this contest you are asked to create conjoined twins using celebrities or politicians. You can use two different people, or sources of the same person. Blend them into one entity. Two headed politicians, four legged dancers, three armed wrestlers for example will all work.

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