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Funny Congress Pictures

The Nightmare Before CongressFunny The Nightmare Before Congress
Member reactions:

Marvelous Caricature with a big face and the expression gives a real nightmare to Congress.... Love the way he handles his cigarette

Hillary Testifies Before CongressFunny Hillary Testifies Before Congress
Member reactions:

Hillary gets grilled by Congress with mixed results.
Got the reason behind that long nose Hillary think twice before speaking or else the nose will become much longer
Double congratulations. Friend Mr. Paul. Nice work.
CONGRATS on your double header...they are both excellent.
faaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic paul absolutely cooooongrats

Congress hard at it!Funny Congress hard at it!
Member reactions:
Good to see that Congress is finally getting back to work.
Just think of what Mata Hari could accomplish with these pillars of military society. Great concept.
, hit the hammer hard to get the discipline down the line of Army very creative chop
Generals life is struggling with Wife... I guess.. Politics screwed Army

Sleepwalking The Halls Of CongressFunny Sleepwalking The Halls Of Congress
Member reactions:

good stuff.
Marvelous ... How could you make Obama asleep... his eyes were closed very well done in this chop looks so crazy and walking down the whitehouse corridors holding a kitty is really Hilarious
Superb Concept Mr. Obama looks stunning with the small kid look.
Very interesting execution, spy on background with cool clock work and funny dressed Obama with very natural looks on sleep this is appreciable PS show with perfect shadows and light balance here Love it
Another trophy for the collection.Grats. Good one.
Many great details here. Great chop on this challenging photoshop topic. Congrats on the gold, Paul.

Congress Person of the Year Time MagazineFunny Congress Person of the Year Time Magazine
Member reactions:

Suicidal Harry here clacks me up. Looks like Obama is having a blast too

Congress is Pumping DollarsFunny Congress is Pumping Dollars
Member reactions:

From Congress, dollars flow out like water. Meanwile, Congress is unaware of the coming financial storm. Credits: Capitol Dome Credit
I love the idea. Wish the angles of the two sources matched though

Elect Little Bub For Congress!Funny Elect Little Bub For Congress!
Member reactions:

For honesty and for endearment, elect Little Bub for Congress.

The Woman Of Congress Photoshops PictureFunny The Woman Of Congress Photoshops Picture
Member reactions:

Nancy takes heat for photoshoping a picture. Ha, Welcome to our world. The Woman Of Congress
Is that Senator Harry Reid in there. I didn't know he underwent a gender re-assignment.
ooops, sometimes it's hard to tell them two apart.

Obama Doesn`t Need CongressFunny Obama Doesn`t Need Congress
Member reactions:

Congress who needs Them
good concept with the black cats, resembles the darker side of the coin, but the colorful wigs could be better if the edges were sharpened
Nice try. like 3 cats and a monkey. Nice roof, looks like framed greeting 2 different images.
Thanks for the comments, I have alot of spare parts, just not the right programs and I'm to old to learn.
HH has been busy . . . nice work, funny stuff.

Test Congress Not SchoolsFunny Test Congress Not Schools
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