Conan O'Brien
Conan O'Brien
Conan O'Brien . Member reactions:
Nice blending but I would keep the original painting colors here. The new vivid colors deviate a lot from the Rembrandt style
Try to desaturate head and background in order to match the hand caracteristics.
If part of the assignment is to create works that Rembrandt would create today, then he might use a much more vibrant palate since such colors were not available to him back in the day. That was my reasoning in punching up the contrast and color in mine. And since you used a contemporary celebrity I reckon that was your aim. I dig it, just had to give it time to digest
I agree with Hitspinner Thought that was the point of the contest

Funny Conan by Van Gogh

Conan by Van Gogh
If he were alive today, Van Gogh would be painting promotional posters.
Member reactions:
Cool beans
Nice work LunaC ... I thought this would place higher.

Funny Conan O'brien

Conan O'brien
Member reactions:
Face is maybe a little to bright, but nice chop.

Funny Hijacking Conan Show

Hijacking Conan Show

Funny Capt. Conan

Capt. Conan
Member reactions:
Awesome chop, flawless freaky Fantastic Funny and Firm chop

Funny Conan

Member reactions:
One of your Best. Congratulations HoHouse.

Funny Conan O'Brien Sloth

Conan O'Brien Sloth
Member reactions:
Excellent chop.... like the Jaw and forehead, its so cleaned and the eyes were distant apart unable to see each other Very funny job done
Most slothful of my entries I think. Thanks folks

Funny Conan O'Brien Caricature

Conan O'Brien Caricature
Sources WIP Digital-Painting Conan O'Brien's 50th Birthday: A Look Back At Comedian's Life & Career PHOTOS When Conan Auditioned for Late Night TBS still in search of the funny

Funny Conan O'Brien Kills with Jokes

Conan O'Brien Kills with Jokes
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature.... great composition and the most funny part is the skulls act as a Smileys this is too good. Nice idea
Thank you,suni271980. Thank you,rajeshstar.
Nicely composed, hidden I see he's wearing his Angus Young threads the hard line at the ends of the two funnels of light is a bit strange for me, though ...
OMG you are killing me by taking my heart away with your Killing concept
A good comedian can make many people happy but he can be a serial killer if a few people die of laughter watching his jokes ... . This can be a dilemma for any great comedian. Maybe I'll write a screenplay about that .
Thank you,Qtrmoonshop.Ericnorthend,keep calm. It's just a joke .
Literally a a rocking chop. Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Congrats on the Bronze, gugulanul nice choppin'
Thank you, Qtrmoonshop ... ...
Thanks everyone ... ...

Funny Conan O'Brien Bathing in the Bath

Conan O'Brien Bathing in the Bath
Member reactions:
Nice work with the perspective choice on the face the head looks a bit pasted on because of the highlight on the beard below the chin overall a nice looking chop.
Nice edit, hidden much better I think if you lighten the dark shadow line you have where his beard meets the neck (especially by the ear), it will be perfect.

Funny Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien
American television host and comedian Conan O'Brien will be half a century old this Thursday. Conan was born into a large Irish family, and since childhood was always found of music and comedy. Though most people do know him as a comedian, Conan is actually an avid guitar player and collector. He has over 150 guitars in his collection, and always plays one of them before before each taping of "Late Night" to "warm up and get into groove for the show." In his college days, Conan was a drummer of the college band. Happy 50th birthday, Conan! To mark the (upcoming) 50th birthday of Conan O'Brien, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Conan O'Brien's Next Job

Conan O'Brien's Next Job
NBC's late-night drama has played out. Jay Leno will return to "The Tonight Show" on March 1. Conan O'Brien is out; his final "Tonight Show" will be Friday. The main reason: NBC's bold experiment of putting Leno at 10 o'clock five nights a week was a flop. O'Brien threatened to sue, but things were settled outside of court - O'Brien reportedly will collect $44 million: $32 million for himself and $12 million in severance for his staff. He can return to the air September 1. We feel sorry for Conan O'Brien - he was kicked off the air by NBC and is out of the job till September. He'll have to make ends meet until this fall somehow. Help Conan O'Brien find another job and make a living till September.

Funny Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien
American television host and TV writer Conan O'Brien celebrates his 45th birthday today. Conan is best known as a host of NBC's show Late Night with Conan O'Brien. His witty humor and funky sarcasm earned him international fame and made O'Brien one of the top comedy show hosts of our times. To celebrate the 45th birthday of Conan O'Brien, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: O'Brien in movies and paintings, his alternative careers, merging Conan with another celebrity, etc. We are sure with all the satire he gave us, he'll appreciate how we photoshop him :)

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