Steve Jobs with one of his computers
Steve Jobs with one of his computers
Steve Jobs with one of his computers.

Funny Hacker Kim Jong Un at the Computer

Hacker Kim Jong Un at the Computer
Watch out world: North Korea deep into cyber warfare
Member reactions:
Nice to be on the board with you. Have always enjoyed your work. Congrats ahead of time. ; )
Congratulations. Your best chops are accumulating fast.
Allow me to be the first one to congratulate you, again,
Congrads on the Gold Cup, remarkable work.
A slam dunk. , congrats. You guys are going to make me get used to that mustard Hahahhaah. This is a commanding chop and some numbskull still gave it a 5.
This goes into my PC favorites folder. . I like the Tone Too.
Holy cow, Dan. I just looked at the score on this. 9.74. If that is not the highest score yet, it is way, way up there.
I always appreciate the votes but I must admit the voting system here is sometimes a wonderment to me, .

Funny Queen Playing Lara Croft Computer Game

Queen Playing Lara Croft Computer Game
I think the Queen prefers the computer-made one better.
Member reactions:
Alright Bob,,, 5 wOOTs for a top 5 trophy
Really fitting and excellently cloned and integrated, Bob. Congrats on top 5.
Top5congrats, Bob. Very well done. Great Chopping.
Congrats first 5, MsgtBob.
Pretty damn good. Congrats on top 5, Bob.

Funny Geriatric Computer War Game

Geriatric Computer War Game
Member reactions:
HA. Old Soldiers never die-they just fade away.
Thank you, thank you. Added photo to helmet "from Mary, 1944" and older feet.
Actual freaking image ,They are Powerful old soldiers don't fight with them

Funny Giraffe Loooking at Facebook on a Computer

Giraffe Loooking at Facebook on a Computer
Member reactions:
Giraffe can operate the Facebook and easily contact to their friends

Funny Kerry Washington as a Computer Generated Image

Kerry Washington as a Computer Generated Image
Actress:Kerry Washington stock image 'Feel' objects in thin air: The future of touch technology

Funny Barack Obama's Computer

Barack Obama's Computer
Let's see who we can bomb today.....
Member reactions:
Lots of stuff can be seen on the keyboard,,, Good job
funny keyboard...Obama can handle their country
Weird, I was pretty sure this would top place. Great idea

Funny Heiroglyphic Computer Keyboard

Heiroglyphic Computer Keyboard
Story Teller Pro Model
Member reactions:
Superb Nice to see the snake in place of the cable Good thinking
Thank you. It does not look like it but it took 67 separate cut, resize and paste --> Most I have ever done.
Great idea and execution Hits ... got my top votem.
Ahhh ha Thanks Bob, GRB,Icy. Doc, DDB, D-Man, eric, Nanny balodiya and Hobbit. I generally stay away from these contest because most ouf you are better at them than me but I got the idea and had to run with it. Happy I did now even though it took a lot of time that got me in trouble for missing the "hiney-dos" thanks for the votes
Congrats on the gold, Hits. This keyboard should be shown on National Geographic. Great job.

Funny Typwriter Computer Keyboard

Typwriter Computer Keyboard
Member reactions:
Definitely my sort of technology Nicely done Luciano

Funny Coconut Kills Computers on Friday the 13th

Coconut Kills Computers on Friday the 13th
It's Bad Luck to Have Photoshop on a External Hard Drive.
Member reactions:
Great Job. Very scary coconut and very funny.
Beware of coconut instead of being nuts. great show of superstitions
This is true. Very Bad Luck. Try it. Throw a coconut up inside your PC on the 13th, and it will kill it..Dead... Dead as a Hammer...
Yea really, Just ask Hitspin. It is bad luck to have photoshop on an external hard drive.
Oh God. Hahahahaahahahaha, The Vooconut... Ha ha very funny.

Funny Computers + Phones

Computers + Phones
Design personal computers or laptops integrated with phones or cell phones fully or in part.

Funny Computer Security

Computer Security
What "trustworthy" products can you think of? How could computer-related products be made (or made to appear) more "trustworthy", "secure", or "safe"? What will Microsoft have to do to ensure their products meet higher security standards?

Funny Green Computers

Green Computers
Design environmentally friendly, green computers or ways to deal with environmental damage caused by computer equipment.

Funny Apple Computer

Apple Computer
Show how life would be different if Apple Computer Macs dominated instead of PCs and Windows.

Funny Apple Computer

Apple Computer
It's time to re-design an Apple Computer! Your mission is to photoshop an image of what you think Apple needs to build in order to sell their line of computers! Design a hand-held, laptop or desktop, use your imagination!

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