Computer Touch
Computer Touch
Computer Touch . Actress:Kerry Washington stock image 'Feel' objects in thin air: The future of touch technology

Funny Obama's Computer

Obama's Computer
Let's see who we can bomb today.....
Member reactions:
Lots of stuff can be seen on the keyboard,,, Good job
funny keyboard...Obama can handle their country
Weird, I was pretty sure this would top place. Great idea

Funny Coconut Kills Computers on the 13th

 Coconut Kills Computers on the 13th
It's Bad Luck to Have Photoshop on a External Hard Drive.
Member reactions:
Great Job. Very scary coconut and very funny.
Beware of coconut instead of being nuts. great show of superstitions
This is true. Very Bad Luck. Try it. Throw a coconut up inside your PC on the 13th, and it will kill it..Dead... Dead as a Hammer...
Yea really, Just ask Hitspin. It is bad luck to have photoshop on an external hard drive.
Oh God. Hahahahaahahahaha, The Vooconut... Ha ha very funny.

Funny Alien Computer Game with Sigourney Weaver

Alien Computer Game with Sigourney Weaver
The Aliens are back Celebrate International Women’s Day With These 10 Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy Women and art: You Have Every Right
Member reactions:
Well done.... like the concept of Aliens and 10 Heroins of science fiction
Best of luck Very well done hidden Nice collection of the game
Nice, like 4 chops in one... This is some fine choppage
Very stylish, and Aliens fans would totally love it. Congrats on the bronze too, Marco.

Funny Girls on a Computer by Renoir

Girls on a Computer by Renoir
I replaced the piano with a computer because that is a much more natural modern setting.
Member reactions:
Great turn of a Piano into a Computer is that windows 8 .
Thanks, it's actually windows vista. Either way an unfortunate choice of operating system on their part.
Congrats coolkat, another siver cup for your mantle.
You should have use Linux and you won .
Glad to see ya back on, great job done, like to see more and CONGRATS on the win. Love Mom
Thanks everyone I wasn't expecting a trophy.

Funny The Politically Incorrect PC Computer

The Politically Incorrect PC Computer
Member reactions:
Click of a button... you will get all the nutrition stuff in front of you great work on the knife in the Water melon well done on the spark created good one
Superb. Idea Creative thinking well done hidden
ha ha ha very interesting cash machine of today's shop was the Super cool computer of old era

Funny Charlie Sheen Goes on a Date with a Computer

Charlie Sheen Goes on a Date with a Computer
Member reactions:
Great work on the source.... well done using the Classical Mac into a full grown lady Nice caricature done on that gentleman with Vodka and Cheap Rates of ... girls
Cheap Hotel But very interesting Very nice
I just love his move... Very creative work with the Old Apple its so catchy
I especially like the caricature. Makes him look like the A-hole that he really is.
Thanks, penaplonk. Thanks, LunaC. He may be an A-Hole, but he's a generous one...paying for strangers' funerals and hospital bills.
"3rd Place. Whad'ya doin' down here. This chop was a major Contender." Congratulations-nice/clean work.
Thanks, Robin. Thanks, G-Man...what can I say.

Funny Neil Patrick Harris' Old Apple Computer

Neil Patrick Harris' Old Apple Computer
Neil Patrick Harris looks back in time when he played Doogie Howser M.D.. Doogie always ended the show by typing his diary on his computor. Does anyone out there remember the good old Commdore 64.
Member reactions:
Well shown of Old Computer inside Mac Book Air good one showing of the old pic and the new one
Thats the wise work, nice to see his old memorial picture on wallpaper

Funny Recycled Apple Computer Kitty Litter Tray

Recycled Apple Computer Kitty Litter Tray
Member reactions:
Great Idea. Is is self cleaning too. Well Done.
The cat face looks like a Tiger in that monitor good one
I like it

Funny Throwing Old Apple Computer in the Trash

Throwing Old Apple Computer in the Trash
And it use to be the apple of her eye.

Funny Computers + Phones

Computers + Phones
Design personal computers or laptops integrated with phones or cell phones fully or in part.

Funny Computer Security

Computer Security
What "trustworthy" products can you think of? How could computer-related products be made (or made to appear) more "trustworthy", "secure", or "safe"? What will Microsoft have to do to ensure their products meet higher security standards?

Funny Green Computers

Green Computers
Design environmentally friendly, green computers or ways to deal with environmental damage caused by computer equipment.

Funny Apple Computer

Apple Computer
Show how life would be different if Apple Computer Macs dominated instead of PCs and Windows.

Funny Apple Computer

Apple Computer
It's time to re-design an Apple Computer! Your mission is to photoshop an image of what you think Apple needs to build in order to sell their line of computers! Design a hand-held, laptop or desktop, use your imagination!

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