Dali Pillow Company
Dali Pillow Company
Dali Pillow Company.

Funny Washington's Company Picnic on the Fourth of July

Washington's Company Picnic on the Fourth of July
And the winner of this years Watermelon Contest is...Little Vladimir. Sorry Hillary and Barrack....nice try..
Member reactions:
Tastefully done hahahahahaha no pun intended. Love it...... Top5 grats.

Funny Alien Chemco Engineering Company

Alien Chemco Engineering Company
Member reactions:
Pro chop. It's just another day for aliens, a "" chop for a human.

Funny Man Working at the Mummy's Gauze Company

Man Working at the Mummy's Gauze Company
if mummies ruled they'd probably sell a lot of gauze.
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop. Love how you did the wrapping.
The wrapping is a costume Newsy. Still a cool chop though.
yes it is a costume, but i still wrapped it from a source image to the final contest image. It was still a lot of work.
I like how you've bought all this together...humour & skill.
Congratulations, Wood. I definitely see that you did a lot of wrapping yourself as the Superman source was different from the costume. The idea is a gem that sells this image anyhow. A well deserved victory.
thank you all. I had a lot of fun with this one. newsy, it's funny you knew about the superman source since I didn't post the sources, very observant. Cheers.
WTG Funkwood. I love this image. The gauze biz is for sure job security in the world of the Mummy. . Congrats.

Funny The Campbells Soup Company Money

The Campbells Soup Company Money
Member reactions:
I only wish it was larger in full view. Why limit it to 500 pixels wide. You can still edit before the contest ends if you have a larger version saved.
A very nostalgic entry. Usually the company name is just listed as 'Campbell Soup Company' without the additional 's'. The alphabet text on the tomato soup note makes me think that maybe it might be counterfeit, .
Congrfatulations on the silver, MayUDream.

Funny Dance Company

Dance Company
Member reactions:
Me loves it. They really look jolly and dancing.
I really would like to know which was the criterion adopted for the people who had classified this work as " note 4" and what it lacked for be "5"...lamentable.

Funny Total Company Oil Slavery

Total Company Oil Slavery
Belgium reopens Myanmar humanity crimes probe against oil giant Total
Member reactions:
great choice of news, these kinds of issues need more exposure, especially here

Funny LEGO Toy Demolition Company

LEGO Toy Demolition Company
Member reactions:
aeeeeeee, ninha congrats... parabens... way to go, girl...
Congratulations ninha you went very well

Funny Company Advertising on Eggs

Company Advertising on Eggs
The Incredible Ad-able Egg. Please View Full Before Voting. (Thanks for the tip Capriccio. Colors have been edited.)
Member reactions:
Very nice warping and perspective. Some of the colors seem a little flat, but this is definitely one of the best.
Newsy does egg advertising. I had no idea.

Funny Global Company Egg Advertising

Global Company Egg Advertising
Member reactions:
Very cool - I like the variety and the way you've wrapped the images around the eggs. The apple on top is neat, but it kind of stands out as different in the crowd.
Whats the easter bunny gonna say to this.

Funny Music Company Mergers

Music Company Mergers
Show the results of music corporate mergers - two companies (or fast food companies) joining together in the music business. Create new CD's or advertising campaigns showing singers/musicians and their participation with these companies. Or show the result of corporate involvement in international music such as altered instruments, the Hamburgular rocking out with a pan flute, etc.

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