Viper GTS compact version
Viper GTS compact version
Viper GTS compact version. Source

Funny Compact Fluorescent Traffic Lights

Compact Fluorescent Traffic Lights
Member reactions:
Love the clean look and candy colors, GarRM. Congratulations on the Bronze Cup.

Funny Makeup Compact for Soldiers

Makeup Compact for Soldiers
Member reactions:
I will print this for a co-worker, that will go ballistic, when he sees this one. HA.
Pro chop. Love the composition you did... great vantage point
Great work Carl Like it a lot, my congrats on the cup.
TANKS ALOT. This was quite a funny contest, Everyone was funny and clever. Thanks for the laughs.
Silver congrats, Carl. Revlon will surely want to use this for their ad poster.

Funny Compact Florescent Lightsaber

Compact Florescent Lightsaber
Member reactions:
GRM we bring good things to life, Congrads
Space Depot.
Love the concept and how you turned General Electric into Galactic Empire

Funny Compact Model Camels

Compact Model Camels
Member reactions:
At first sight it looks plain, but when I looked closer strange things are happening. (P.S. Nice shadows)

Funny Compact Packard

Compact Packard
Same name, same idea, different company. (original '32 Packard image here if interested.) --Full View a little nicer--
Member reactions:
Nice idea, I think Carly could do with brightening up a bit, maybe some contrast.
. Great job on the Packard.. I'm impressed.
I missed it the first time I looked at the source. Excellent chop.

Funny Compact Rhino Without a Neck

Compact Rhino Without a Neck

Funny Compact Bruce Willis

Compact Bruce Willis

Funny Compact Hummer

Compact Hummer

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