Destroyer of America communist-gunner
Destroyer of America communist-gunner
Destroyer of America communist-gunner. Never step here (to doodie and communism).
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats, perfect title for Burnie.
Congrats on the Bronze, Andrew. "Communist-Gunner" That Works.

Funny Communist in the Gym

Communist in the Gym

Funny Communist Party Lady Wearing Sunglasses

Communist Party Lady Wearing Sunglasses
Don't know what this says but, she looks like she could be bad with the dam Health Care.

Funny Communist Barack Obama

Communist Barack Obama
Member reactions:
This is a fantastic entry. I would lessen the contrast and brightness on the obama signs in the crowd to make the white background of the sign the same colour of white as the boys shirt in the crowd or the other sign (more like a cream colour). Love the White House in the background and good choice for the main Obama source.
I love how you did the capitol in the background and Obama portraits carried by the crowd.
Congrads on a great chop and the message. Wake up America.
Bronze congrats, ganga - great to see you on the podium again.
Very nice work Gung Congrats on the woody and keep going

Funny Communist X-Men

Communist X-Men

Funny Communist Barnyard

Communist Barnyard

Funny The Good The Bad & The Ugly Communists

The Good The Bad & The Ugly Communists
I dont believe any of them were good, but the other two discrioptions fit anyhoo. Source Images comm

Funny Communist Car

Communist Car

Funny Lenin in Communist Movie

Lenin in Communist Movie

Funny Communist Wonder Woman

Communist Wonder Woman
Member reactions:
Great job. (but shouldn't it be "VonderVoman, starring Meganchoff Foxovich. ) Very nice chop, megan IS a wonderful woman
Megan Fox is NOT wonder Woman LoL
johnx , this is really fantastic one , keep up great works friend

Funny Communist Movies

Communist Movies
Marching to the world domination, China celebrated its 60 years of communist rule on Thursday. The 60th birthday of the People's Republic of China was celebrated with military parades aired on Chinese TV channels followed by the patriotic movies about "the father of Chinese revolution" Mao Tse-Tung who proclaimed China's embrace of communism. To help the People's Republic of China continue its celebration to world domination, give a communist theme/twist to any movie. How would communist Star Wars look like? What about communist Terminator? Think of any possible communism to mix into your movies - Russian, Chinese, even American communism...

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