The Ten Commandments Minimalist Movie Poster
The Ten Commandments Minimalist Movie Poster
The Ten Commandments Minimalist Movie Poster. Member reactions:
Effective use of the symbols. Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny 10 Commandments

10 Commandments
Member reactions:
Excellent. Nice Lightning effects very nice
Awesome .... nice effects of Shadows, light and the fire.... Great chop and with tbe blessing of the Messenger of God he will continue to do good
Full of light miracles and freaking awesome shadows Quality job
"...and Ye shall Chop-'til-U-Drop, Son." Nice work-Nepaguy should be honored.

Funny Obama's 10 Commandments

Obama's 10 Commandments
Please view full to read
Member reactions:
,here's the Obama prayer " Obama Prayer " Obama is my shepherd I shall not think He makes me lie down instead of work He leads me to welfare offices He restoreth my unemployment He leads me in paths of bureaucracy For his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of factories I will fear no job For you are with me Your ACLU and the union They protect me. You prepare a table before me; In the presence of the working saps; You refill my WIC card for free My beer overflows. Surely welfare and handouts shall follow me All the days of my life. And I shall vote for the house of Democrats Forever.
Gary this is awesome. Did you write the Obama Prayer. Would it be ok to put it on my face book page my friends would love it.
, wish I did. I got from a friend who also got it from a friend :0) sure, spread the wealth
Great 10 Commandments Obama is looking great in the shield

Funny The Etch-A-Sketch Ten Commandments

The Etch-A-Sketch Ten Commandments
Member reactions:
Works perfectly. Just shake the commandments and there are none

Funny Barack Obama Gets the Ten Commandments

Barack Obama Gets the Ten Commandments
The World thinks "The One" shall save them.
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Funny Moses With Commandments Advert

Moses With Commandments Advert
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Very Biblical writing I dont think you need to number them tho if there is only one rule
Congrats on the wood, Renegade. Your first wood, I believe. Woo Hoo.
This was GOOD Renegade.. congrats on woody..........
congrats on your first woody, you never forget your first woody.

Funny Teddy Bear Commandments

Teddy Bear Commandments

Funny Ten Commandments For Motorists

Ten Commandments For Motorists
Vatican issues a "Ten Commandments" for motorists
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" Italy, where car culture is deeply entrenched" If you've ever been on the road in Italy, you'll know this is long overdue. The rule then was that if you have two chariots coming towards you (one passing the other), you--the car they are coming at--has to move over and make a lane. They have the right-of-way. And that's around curves too. With daggers on the hubs.
Never been to Italy, but, um... chariots.
I agree with Kiko. Road laws in Italy are like points on Who's Line Is It Anyway. Good photoshopping.

Funny Commandments

Fueled by the following news: Wal-Mart calls union funded 'Jesus' campaign offensive
Member reactions:
Maybe you should add another one that says "Thou shalt not shop at Target". Because of their inability to support American Veteran's. At least Wal Mart supports them.

Funny The Four Commandments on TV

The Four Commandments on TV
What Message is T.V. Sending Your Teen.

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