Philip Morris `Commander Toilet`.
Philip Morris `Commander Toilet`.
Philip Morris "Commander Toilet". . One flush and it's all gone.

Funny Commander in Drag

Commander in Drag

Funny Commander-in-chief for 8 years

Commander-in-chief for 8 years
The optical sight is added to not miss

Funny Star Wars Commander Martin Luther King

Star Wars Commander Martin Luther King

Funny Star Wars Commander Kim Jong Un

Star Wars Commander Kim Jong Un

Funny Barack Obama the Golf Commander

Barack Obama the Golf Commander
Member reactions:
Nice chop, but I think he has only two years left in the office

Funny NASA Commander C. Columbus

NASA Commander C. Columbus
It takes a true visionary to attempt a night landing. He never stopped believing he had found the westward passage--He's not about to quit until the Sun is colonized.
Member reactions:
Crazy thought of Columbus going to sun in night

Funny Francois Hollande Commander-In-Chief

Francois Hollande Commander-In-Chief
May 2013, Francois Hollande and was just elected, and a few minutes Paraggi and was attacked by immigrants from various countries, Francois decides to wear his uniform national socialist, and go on the attack, two minutes later...... Panic. And the yield............................................. " The uniforms are always dangerous, especially when you wear in children, because it means that they are preparing for a war. Aphorism of Alcide De Gasperi " The Communists disdain to conceal their views and their purposes. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing order of things. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution of. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains: they have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite. Aphorism by Karl Marx
Member reactions:
Great chop, but please remove the skull & the crossbones, as it's still a Nazi symbol
German iron cross and Gestapo white lapel feathers isn't Russian either. Soviet uniform:
WTF is this shi11. what's this got to do with François Hollande.
GeneralPepper,,I think hidden is running for political office )
You're perhaps correct, Preeniememe. The "speech" is incomprehenible, which is typically a political cant. I wonder what FN jurors are waiting for to pull this entry... nazi uniform (recognizable even without insignias) and explicit nazi reference in the creator's comments. They're usually quick on the draw when it comes to a showing nipple
Excellent work done smoky background with a Eiffel tower and war planes hovering around its really a master's job, well executed with a nice caricatured head looks terrific love this chop....
Congrats PSMandrake...The lesson for today is to look up the differences between socialism and communism Then see how Marxism turned into Marxist-Leninism which became Stalinism.
congrats Mandrake ,,, even if i have no idea what your saying,,,
Congrats on the wood PSM … beautiful tones.
I agree with GeneralPepper, The self-pity is getting really old.

Funny Muppet Commander in Chief

Muppet Commander in Chief
Member reactions:
Thank you JoaoN , Balodiya & Rajeshstar ..
Nice work . . . especially like how you positioned Kermit

Funny Commander James Mattis Caricature

Commander James Mattis Caricature
Top US commander arrives in Pak amid tensions Road to Peace Road to Peace
Member reactions:
It's a shame that this won since you gave everyone 4s.
Congratulations on the Gold, but I cant understand why you gave all the other images in the contest a 4.
Just what I thought........
I will say that these were great entries Marco, though it is so very easy for other authors to see your voting strategy of late, you build karma in contests you do not enter, then use that karma to vote others down, 14 votes of 4 in this contest.. Sry mate but that's just wrong, and in my opinion makes your wins pretty empty to the rest of the FN community also.
"What goes around-comes around.Stay tuned-News at 11." Congratulations on the Win.
Hmmm....sort of like a 100 meters race at the Olympics....and one of the runners tied all the other competitors shoelaces together before the starting gun went off. Bit sad that has to happen when that person is quite capable of winning with "honor" if he chose Kell said, all were well done entries....but yeh o_0
Totally unfair to all the rest of the entries. I once voted unfair (because of my inflated ego of my own entries) but got chewed out by many of the Jurors & admins.. Being told that you vote only 4 on everyones entry is BAD KARMA ,plus does'nt do you any good down the road . Now you only have 1 point of Karma to your name . Try voting honestly or do'nt vote at all .....
What did you say ... Your english is very broken .
I have spoken privately with you PSM on several occasions & did show u how 2 vote correctly & build karma, just feels like u used wat info I gave u to meet your own needs, not that of the community/spirit of FN :/

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