European Comic Con
European Comic Con
European Comic Con. Macron,Merkel,Gentiloni,May
Member reactions:
Hahahahah this is great...That cat cut-out is a splendid touch

Funny Andy Pitz the Comic

Andy Pitz the Comic
Member reactions:
Amazing Creativity shown here. Well done.
Clean chopping Pree, excellent job. Congrats on the silver. I thought it would win the gold.

Funny Marvel Comic Wars

Marvel Comic Wars
Star Wars And Marvel Join Forces. See it at view full for more mayhem.
Member reactions:
Had to laugh at the Darth Vader cat on the wall, and the whole chop is awesome.

Funny Manga Comic

Manga Comic
"Original source image had a lot of camera shake blurryness to it, not the usual FN quality we've become used to."
Member reactions:
Quality work, looks like an authentic poster. Sorry about the image blurriness - will try to hold on to our usual standards

Funny Green Monster Nightmare Comic

Green Monster Nightmare Comic
"Creepy beasty."

Funny Freak Show Comic

Freak Show Comic
"Couldn't resist a chop within a chop." .
Member reactions:
I am truly honored to be "THE FREAK." Bwahahahahah.
definatly a freak jim......, cool chop in a it..

Funny Rocket Man in Naughty Comic

Rocket Man in Naughty Comic
"1 had all mine regularly confiscated at school, especially my 'Mad Comics'. .

Funny Chainsaw Boy Comic Book

Chainsaw Boy Comic Book
Comic Book Satire.

Funny Marvel Comics and Disney Characters

Marvel Comics and Disney Characters
thought about going with a funny combo, but then i saw a bunch of kingdom hearts pictures and i thought what if they did a badass crossover. haha
Member reactions:
I like how the Donald got star billing by his placement in your work. Star billing.... HA. (I am sorry - I didn't see the joke in that until after I wrote it.)
Totally COOL. One must study this to catch all the details ... very well done.*****
nice compilation looks like a real comic book cover

Funny Comics Trike

Comics Trike

Funny Women of Comic Con

Women of Comic Con
Scratch below the surface at Comic Con and you might be surprised to find thousands of young women who go because they find it empowering. It might have a reputation for attracting nerds and geeks, but as one female fan put it: "You feel very accepted, and you get to be whoever you want for a day - it's really special." Create any Comic Con character using a celebrity and politicians. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

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