Comey 's Broken Cable
Comey 's Broken Cable
Comey 's Broken Cable. Member reactions:
SlaptShot, I love your work and you could have made a big difference, If you voted, but thanks for your comments and that what counts, you too ReggieRay. thanks for all you do.

Funny Homeless Mrs. Jim Comey

Homeless Mrs. Jim Comey

Funny James Comey

James Comey
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A knee-slapper,HH. Hilarious Comey image.

Funny McCabe and Comey

McCabe and Comey
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Silver congrats, Hobbit. Very nicely done.
Thanks, CraftyOne, MsgtBob and ReggieRey.
Congrads on the Cup, was one of my Favorites

Funny Reading Comey's Literary Opus

Reading Comey's Literary Opus
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Great job Andrew. Always funny and entertaining work

Funny Declassified by J. Comey

Declassified by J. Comey
James Comey real good book deal.
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Classic HG Wells SciFi Look.. Awesome job, Splatz..
Is that a Theremin I hear in the background. Hahahahah Freakshowis art, Well done hahaha
Thanks, Champ. ... The Martian Mantis Invasion of Earth.
Thanks, Hits. I was trying something New (and odd).... Totally Outer Limits, I'd say. We Control the Horizontal and the Vertical.
splatshot this was too funny. When i first saw this i was like wtf and i thought to myself does this look like comeys next book deal,and i just figured someone was doing for a good laugh. I dont get it but it brought me to a good laugh. Its actually quite good.
Thanks very much, Robin. I'm happy it made you laugh. My job was a success. And You're right. "does this look like comeys next book deal." Actually Not.... The image was inspired by FN's picture of the day. Registered's "Swiss Mantis" which graced our front page here for more than 2 weeks. Possibly a skewed sense of humor but I had fun.

Funny Jamie Comey Emancipator

Jamie Comey Emancipator
Just because Comey say's it so doesn't mean it so.

Funny Department Of No Justice Comey Lynch

Department Of No Justice Comey Lynch
No Justice
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Worked some, but didn't get the effect I wanted.

Funny Comey Book Deal

Comey  Book Deal
Former FBI Director James Comey will soon receive a $10 million dollar deal for a tell-all book with a publishing company very soon. Several publishers are in a bidding war for Comey’s tell-all book. Comey’s book will detail Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and his dealings with President Trump. The Daily Mail first reported the book deal. James Comey’s book could give the public deep insight into what was really going on with the Clinton investigation and why did he not charge Clinton for crimes she clearly committed. Create the book cover that you imagine we will see for any James Comey book in the future! For more background information on this story Visit This Link

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