Parent Shaming Is Coming
Parent Shaming Is Coming
Parent Shaming Is Coming. Parent shaming: Be VERY afraid. Tell off your child and they can now take terrible revenge - secretly recording your rant and posting it on social media

Funny Man Comes Across a Lion by Magritte

Man Comes Across a Lion by Magritte

Funny Primate Photos Coming to Life

Primate Photos Coming to Life
Member reactions:
I like this image.All Gorilla are looking danger
Proboscis monkey stealing bananas is freaking hilarious.
Yea, gorilla with the gun steals the show.
Thanks to each of you, I love all monkeys.
Some serious monkey business in this serious OOB chop. ;D
Lots of humor. Great one hobbit, congrats on the cup

Funny Winter is coming in 2014

Winter is coming in 2014
Les Etats-Unis sous une immense « tempête glaciale »
Member reactions:
This is the story of the last years and will be the story of the next
Good job, and I like what you did to the subtitle

Funny Philip Seymour Hoffman in Smoke Coming Out of Bong on the Beach

Philip Seymour Hoffman in Smoke Coming Out of Bong on the Beach
Member reactions:
very creative,awesome face work with the smoke
So innovative smokki idea, love the way of merge his face

Funny Keifer Sutherland in 24 Is Coming Back

Keifer Sutherland in 24 Is Coming Back
The hit television show, "24" will soon be returning.
Member reactions:
And since Sutherland is a bit older, the show will now run as "42" Good job.
Lovely caricature, especially the woman, compliments
Good caricature Lovely series 24... wanna to see it again

Funny Vlad Putin Coming Out

Vlad Putin Coming Out
Mr. Putin's War on Gays
Member reactions:
Decent work, I like how you naturally blended a beard and mustache on his face. The head and shoulders part is quite blurry though - is it a result of a low resolution source, or photoshopping effect.
good details and well illuminated. good one
Looks like low-rez super amped up with sharpen and contrast. One successful approach with this sort of treatment is to use Topaz de-noise as a final finish. It brings the continuity together
Thanks for the compliments on this one. Also, Newsmaster, the original photo's were not as high rez as I would have wanted them to be but I'm glad you brought that up because it's letting me know that those with a trained eye for such things can spot'm when they see them. Note to self: Put more time into locating the most hi-rez one's out there... Will work on that. Hitspinner -- yup. You're right on target. Thanks for the tip. Will try that out.
Cool. Here is a tip. I start all chops with a blank page (new project) The size varies but never smaller than 1200 X 1400. However my preferred working size is 1400 X 1600 KB. Now when I go on a pic hunt my minimum search requirement size is 1200 X 1200 KB or larger for primary elements that will be focused on. These are people, animals and objects. However if I do a portrait style chop where the head takes up a half or more of the page, I insist on finding sources 2000KB or larger. I want the resolution so high that I can see the pores. On objects with hard diagonal lines, too big can screw you up and cause severe chattering to the lines when reduced from... let us say 4000 KB to 1200 KB. So anything in the 2000 to 2400 range is nearly a perfect fit. . Now one of the most common mistakes a new chopper makes is in not gathering source images within the same KB number range. If your primary subject source is 1800 KB try to keep all other accompanying sources close to that same 1800. That alone can bring your chops up into the AA range. Sometimes it is the simple things. Nuf said for now... Cheers Bunacode, hope this cuts out some frustration for you

Funny The Unborn is Coming

The Unborn is Coming

Funny Barack Obama Coming Out of a Manhole

Barack Obama Coming Out of a Manhole
Member reactions:
Obama looks funny with all the sht stick to him and the Mouse is licking to it good work with shadows as well
Yeah, silver congrats bro
Thanks, raj. Thanks, gugulanul. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Demboscki.
Clever composition. PERFECT work on the shadows. Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny Winter is Coming Parable

Winter is Coming Parable
* winter is coming_the faith parable at sunset * FAITH is an act of consciousness. All lifetime temptations will strengthen our FAITH.
Member reactions:
Why the third time. what was wrong with it before. I liked it.
Very nice job, hidden. I don't know what it is, but I like it.
Remarkable job done great chop in mixing different aspects of prayer... one with peace and the other with fear of God and a Snake.... Nice expression seen on that old woman very well done appreciate the looks given to the Beast
Truly conceptualized... desire of life and scared of death
Impressive work done One can see fear on the lady eyes Nice Expressive job done

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