Woman with Rollers in her Hair Ready For Combat
Woman with Rollers in her Hair Ready For Combat
Woman with Rollers in her Hair Ready For Combat. Member reactions:
Nice makeup lady... People will be killed by ur look only

Funny Rat Combat

Rat Combat
* Rats in Army
Member reactions:
I like this one...I struggle with where the soldier's metal detector is going......
Freaking awesome, so the Bomb squared appointed a brave Disposer in the Army, Brave job Love the work on specs foggy looks. and nice to see the ears gettin out from the cap
Dog duty has been replaced by the rats Excellent Composition very well done
Excellent concept to catch the Land Mines using the Rats, very funny but a daring job And this rat in a helmet which a perfect fit with a goggles on it was a awesome idea
This picture is great,good details and i like the lighting in this picture.
Yeh you may thank all, but they sure as h311 won't be thanking you. All 1's on every entry, yes that is an insult and makes your wooden trophy very empty, just like your comment. The past 5 contests you hv entered (I didn't look further) you gave every entry a 1 & there were 9 gernerous (yes sarcasm) 2's given away. As a moderator here I would mail you to please take note of the voting guidelines and bring a better voting standard to the site, one that matches your work. But as it is I don't need to now.

Funny Combat Turkey

Combat Turkey

Funny Prince Harry in Combat

Prince Harry in Combat
Member reactions:
... Sweet. Although I admire him for his active duty... it's still a job well done... Personally, I like Harry.
This was my favorite one. Shoulda been gold in my book. Great work GRM
Thanks all ... especially to Luna, for the kind words.
Good one. The studio fired Harry when he made a racist comment about one the studio gaffers.

Funny Bird Combat Game

Bird Combat Game

Funny Lao vs Scorpion Mortal Combat

Lao vs Scorpion Mortal Combat

Funny Halo Elderly Combat Evolved

Halo Elderly Combat Evolved
Please view full. Halo video gamesource

Funny Combat Crab

Combat Crab

Funny Combat Girl in the Army Painting by Bouguereau

Combat Girl in the Army Painting by Bouguereau
For the hi-res version of Combat Girl Click here In 2015, after the nuclear holocaust wiped out most of the adult population, all that is left to fight for liberty are the children. Source by Bouguereau Edited in response to comments
Member reactions:
great, just the gun is too sharp but still great
Helmet, uniform & gun seem too sharp & contrasted when compared to her face, feet, blanket & her immediate surroundings. I think it would help too if the war torn rubble in the background were a bit softer in focus....
Congratulations Rainmaker, wonderful image, details well finished, one more great its image.. He he he Happinesses.. Junka

Funny Daisies on a Combat Helmet

Daisies on a Combat Helmet
PEACE BABY. View Full Please. (Note: Image changed to reflect suggestions below)
Member reactions:
"Daisy, Daisy...you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two."
i dread to think what his motorcycle looks like.
Beatifull entry. Clean job. I only have two little nit picky thingies. (that's the downside of a nice big full view ) 1. There are a few leaves that are a bit transparent. 2. I can see the copying of the flowers at the top. Replacing a few (2 or 3)leaves will solve that.

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