The Color of Money
The Color of Money
The Color of Money. How Do I Save this for FN Where it isn't Blurry.
Member reactions:
I'm not sure why this looks blurry in comparison to the PSD file. I used the export for web (legacy) and optimised it & changed the width to bring it down under 500kb. Less Blurry I'd take any advice.
Lots of compression to get it down to view size.
Your Original size is only 632 PX wide, and when it gets auto resized up to 800 PX wide for the contest view and 1000 PX wide for the full view, it will blur it up a bit. You should have an original sized entry of at least 1000 PX wide so that this doesn't happen.
A unique and attractive $ bill, great job on the color, Ollie.
I don't know how to compress it correctly I guess. It was 1851 x 793 Pixels for the original, but I told it to be less than 500MB when I saved it. I've never had any problem resizing and losing quality like this before.

Funny Millions colors of Andy

Millions colors of Andy
Member reactions:
Artistic Idea and Very Well Executed. Congrats on the Wood, OT.
OTake takes the Wood. Congrats on an Excellent Warhol birthday tribute.

Funny Paint it Color

Paint it Color
Member reactions:
Marvelous Caricature. The Work incorporating the arm and mike are superb as well.
Seems I never tire of this concept. Quality Work, Denlig. Congrats.
An incredible combination of caricature and painterly effect. Phenomenal job Denlig, congrats on the Gold.

Funny Harry Houdini In Color

Harry Houdini In Color
Member reactions:
Great Houdini stare down and coloring, Gummy.

Funny Lakers Uniform but Cavs Colors

Lakers Uniform but Cavs Colors
I just can't get used to seeing him in yellow and purple. This feels more natural.
Member reactions:
The detail work with the color change is phenomenal, LunaC. At least the shoes were red

Funny Wanted in Color!

Wanted in Color!
Black/White Source
Member reactions:
This looks like an old fashioned tented color. They used to paint black & white pictures in the 1800's.

Funny Just got to get the Color right.

Just got to get the Color right.

Funny Horse of a different colour

Horse of a different colour

Funny Chaplin in Color

 Chaplin in Color
Member reactions:
Well done. It would help to add a low opacity overlay layer, using red to add some highlights to the skin.
Who is the kid. Nice chop. Congrats on the bronze

Funny IRS Taxes Paint Colors

IRS Taxes Paint Colors

Funny Color Anomaly

Color Anomaly
Newly published research suggests how much we eat directly depends on the colors of the food on our plate. There are even new diets based on picking the foods with particular colors. In particular, such cold colors as green and blue tend to suppress our appetite, while hot colors like red, yellow, and brown increase our appetite. So if you want to lose weight you are advised to use food and plates of green, blue or another "cold" color. So, now it turns out that eating less is a simple matter of "recoloring" our food? Hopefully with photoshop it's rather easy, but let's not stop with just food - recolor anything / anyone (partially or fully) changing the original color(s) to the unusual. Here's a good example.

Funny Independence Colors

Independence Colors
Today, 4th of July, America celebrates its Independence Day. 235 years ago the Declaration of Independence was signed by the country's fathers, declaring independence from Great Britain. Give American flag paint-jobs to any objects, people or animals. Here's a good example by midian and another example by WetCrimson. Happy 4th of July!!!

Funny Color Anomaly

Color Anomaly
This Thursday the artistic world is celebrating the birthday of Mark Rothko - the leading figure in Color Field painting. This style is characterized by painting large fields with solid color. Rothko is considered one of the best color masters in art history with his abstract painting of colors. Art dealers say Rothko's works masterfully pass the artists moods just through the gradients of colors. To celebrate the birthday of the master of colors at Freaking News, recolor anything / anyone (partially or fully) changing the original color(s) to the unusual. Here's a good example.

Funny Colored Animal

Colored Animal
Scientists have discovered a new species of frog which has purple fluorescent colored skin. While new species of animals are discovered now and then, they are usually in the insect realm; however a discovery of such a highly sophisticated animal as a frog is a rarity. The purple frog lives in the South American highlands of Suriname and is considered a threatened animal. In this contest you are asked to alter or change the colors of any animals (except humans). Sophisticated paint jobs are also allowed - e.g. Mona Lisa paint job on a whale.

Funny Canada Colors

Canada Colors
To mark the passed Canada Day, "Canadianize" objects, famous paintings, animals, or people - include Canadian Flag or Canadian Leaf.

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