Collusion Illusion
Collusion Illusion
Collusion Illusion. Congressman Adam Schiff floating through the woods searching in vain for collusion between Putin and President Trump. Also in the image are Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, a cat, a squirrel, a bear, a chickadee and Mr. Mouse. Mr. Mouse was a pet and he passed away last month. I've read mice only live for a year if they're lucky. I had Mr. Mouse for over 6 years. He was the last of his family. The only one that my cats did not get. They had him cornered but I saved him. He must have ran over 1,000 miles on his exercise wheel. This chop is dedicated to him. I highly recommend viewing the hi-rez version for the detail which is non-existent in the contest image. The actual size of this chop is 11” x 17”. The contest image is only 5.556” x 8.583”. The background consists of two primary images. The foreground trees were all created using a single bark image. Hi-Rez View (actual image size 3300x5100) Sources Used
Member reactions:
Full version hurts my eyes, to perfect and clean. Excellent work for a master of Photoshop.
TY HoHouse. Sorry about your eyes.
No Doubt this is quality work. But your submission size is way too small. Submissions need to be a minimum of 1000px wide to avoid distortion when the site re-sizes to full view. Great Tribute to Mr. Mouse my friend.
Thanks SplatShot. I reduced the dpi and quality and resubmitted an image that is 1000px wide. Hopefully this looks better.
Beautiful work, so sorry about Mr Mouse, I have a feeling he was a Lucky Mouse...
hobbit90 Thank you. You are correct, he lived like a king. Free room and board, great food, maid service and a giant screen TV. I tried to let him go in the fall, I didn’t really want to keep a mouse. I left the house I made for him outside for a day. He was still in it when I checked 8 hours later so I brought him back in. I couldn’t throw him outside because the temperature dropping and he was a pup. I can’t even throw mice outside in winter. Nothing should have to live outside in MN during winter. Observing him I have grown to respect their cunning, ingenuity and ability to adapt. They are also incredible athletes. He could have powered my house with his wheel. Maybe this is the green energy solution we’ve been looking for. 😊 I do know they carry disease so there won't be any new long-term borders at my house. I prefer catch and release when it comes to mice and other pests verses poison, glue traps, etc.. My friends dog died from eating d-CON mouse bait.
I think he was More then Lucky. That was so nice of you....
Wonderful piece sharing the passion for your beloved mouse. Like the trunk arching to give it a natural Cathedralesque feel. If I could just make out the telegram/morse code I could get on the evening news with a scoop.
TY. deaddog, MsgtBob, Gummy & Cosmix I really appreciate your comments.
Genius work here. Been waiting for “Shifty Shiff” to show up and this is wonderful. R.I.P. Mr Mouse
Great to see you back and what an entrance..... Congrats on the win and great imaginative chop
It is great to see you back treating us with your talents. Congrats on the Gold, KIR.
KeepItReal, Congrats on your win and the Little Mouse, Beautiful work...
Impressive Work, KeepItReal. Congrats on the Gold, It's a Beauty. Welcome Back...
Good to see a renaissance participation KIR Beautifully crafted return Grats on Gold.
A truly beautiful picture with so much stock. Congrats on your gold
Welcome back and it's good to see your work again, and thanks for the comments.
Mr. Mouse and I thank you all very much for your kind words and comments. It’s always fun entering these contests and competing with such great talent, it gives me butterflies in my stomach. It's been a while. Great to see that many of my old chopper friends still active on the site creating incredible images. Hello to all the new choppers I haven’t met. I thought FN was shut down for good. I didn't even remember what size to make my entry it’s been so long. I did keep chopping after FN closed down. I’ve posted a few chops on Twitter and on my website and I’ve done some graphics work on the side. I think my skills have improved somewhat, but I still feel like there’s still so much more to learn. Freaking News is one of the best places to learn new things and hone your skills, I’m so glad it’s back. I think this chop turned out better than most that I’ve done recently so I wanted to share it with the FN community. I get much better feedback here than I do from my wife 😊. Hope to be back soon. Keep on choppin’.
Congrats on the Gold. KeepItReal nice work.

Funny Collusion Delusion

Collusion Delusion
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup, excellent stuff.
Darn Good Pic ReggieRay, this is One Evil Crumb, wish a Big Bird would pick him up and drop him in the nearest Sewer. Congrats on the two Pics.
Congrats on the Silver Reggie.Nice work.
I thought for a second Rainman was back.. Super work... Congrats on the silver
Thanks Gummy, Bob, Mano and thank you too House, that was nice. Great idea Hobbit, to have big bird dropping him in sewer HaHahaha.. Thanks You pay me the ultimate compliment Hits. Appreciated
Congrats on the Silver, Reggie. Perfect amount of altered effect in the most natural direction, makes for a super caricature work.(:
Thank You Splats,for the great compliments. Didn't take much to make Mule a caricature
Thanks for the compliment, Armatien. Miss seeing your artwork

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