Toy Story IV. Andy is back from college.
Toy Story IV. Andy is back from college.
Toy Story IV. Andy is back from college..

Funny College Janitor Making Equations on a Balckboard

College Janitor Making Equations on a Balckboard
A friend of mine graduated from college
Member reactions:
Well tell him to hurry and get a good job, The Gov needs the money.
Does anybody even get that the blackboard writing is over the top of him.
Well Gummy its just an optical illusion, I thought I would try it, obviously I failed miserably. It also helps if your familiar with the movie Good Will Hunting.

Funny Barack Obama In College

Barack Obama In College
Member reactions:
Ah yes, the Raman Noodles.... Excellent Job.
Nanny...I lived on Ramen noodles in college.
Excellent,Smoking is not good for health....
Ha, ha, if Mary was legal he would smoke something else.
Many fine details here. Ramen noodles is classic and brings some memories from my university years
Thanks, Andrew, G-Man and Newsy. Yes, Ramen brings back memories to many of us, Newsy.
Sure fooled the country.He's so brain dead.

Funny Van Gogh's College Dorm Room

Van Gogh's College Dorm Room
Original painting FYI: David Letterman attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.
Member reactions:
GREAT chop...brings back memories. A very typical dorm/frat room. Good luck.
Congrats Paul Looks like a Van Gogh Blutarsky...hehe
Thanks, Mr. Rain. Blutarsky is right. .
Thanks, carl3. Thanks, geriatric. Merci, BOULPIX.

Funny Going to Clown College

Going to Clown College
Freshman students deaddog, pcrdds and Disasterman are given a tour of the campus by Dean, Newsy.
Member reactions:
I need a calculator to count the sources in this one....very nice
Lots of sources and a freaking funny work
I know these people. and look at that freaking dean clown, . These freshman clowns are our own 3 stooges. /note to self: I gotta get my red nose back from the closet. and what's the cartoon on the pink balloon.
Newsy...the "Pink Balloon" is a Whoopee Cushion. It's a guy unknowingly sitting on a chair where the Whoopee Cushion is hidden, and it making the tell-tale sound of gas being passed.
Congrats pcr. Can I have my hair back now..
I'll pay you Double, don't give him his hair back Mr. P, congrats on the Win.
Thanks, salis. I'll expect the check in the mail.
Congrats on the cup mr. P, love your funny style. Beautiful works, keep going
Thanks, Sunshin3. I'll keep going as long as you do.
I see, the pink balloon is a Whoopee Cushion indeed. Congrats on the silver, Paul. Now, see me in my office with your homework.
Thanks, Newsy. I will not be questioned without my lawyer present. My dog ate my homework, of course.

Funny Required College Book

Required College Book
Member reactions:
That is sooo true. They make a lot of cash doing that.

Funny College Graduation

College Graduation
Top Grad and Valedictorian now has plans to enter Harvard Claw School.
Member reactions:
Nice idea. I like the work on cats hands.

Funny Harry Potter College Life

Harry Potter College Life
Harry's College years.
Member reactions:
Very arty. I like it. Can I get it on canvas.
that is totally original.i've always wondered what harry or any member of the prestigious trio would be like in college although i'd prefer if hermione hooked up with draco.highly unlikely.Nevertheles, totally cool and funny

Funny Students at College with Donkeys

Students at College with Donkeys
One trillion in Debt

Funny College Pictogram

College Pictogram

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