Tax Collectors
Tax Collectors
Tax Collectors. Member reactions:
The Deadline is April 15th. Would this be the April 17th crew.
This year, taxes are due on the 17th, since the 15th is on a Sat.
Soldier boy. Oh my little Soldier boy. I'll give my taxes to you.
The statement about "a neighborhood near you" is a little too sharp

Funny Collectors Item

Collectors Item
A must read for children on the road to destruction.
Member reactions:
This book has been my guide through life. Great job.

Funny Money Collector

Money Collector
we're here to collect, You $#%
Member reactions:
Maybe this is a pop reference I'm missing, the lighting on Nader's head looks a little too bright, and maybe too big, but good job otherwise

Funny Joe Biden Garbage Collector

Joe Biden Garbage Collector
Member reactions:
Before you pick need a permission from Management Very freaky quote and nice chop using the source as well

Funny The Dragon Collector

The Dragon Collector

Funny Wesley Snipes with Tax Collectors

Wesley Snipes with Tax Collectors

Funny Big Ben Collectors Edition

Big Ben Collectors Edition
Member reactions:
one major problem is that full reflection of 'ben'. it looks like it is an artifact of the reflection on the woo, but appears to be behind the main clock. Can't be on the back as the light is almost full on the front. Probably could be shadow, but definitely not a reflection.

Funny Rihanna Grammy Award Collector Painting

Rihanna Grammy Award Collector Painting
Member reactions:
Very nice, but the grammy award looks a little too sharp. Try blurring it a little bit & adding some noise.

Funny Yolk Collector

Yolk Collector
Source manipulated

Funny The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector

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