I.R.S. Property Tax Collection Vehicle
I.R.S. Property Tax Collection Vehicle
I.R.S. Property Tax Collection Vehicle. I thought I'd stray away from the theme post a little in this contest. I didn't have time to cut a house in half. (I have to get up early and go to work so I can pay the tax man. )
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Now we know just how the taxman collects from those unwary homeowners who owe.

Funny Lagoon Stamp collection

Lagoon Stamp collection
Member reactions:
Decent job, but I would try the same idea with smaller number of stamps.
Not much chopping going on here. But is ironic how you "pasted" the stamps on the pages.

Funny Michael Jackson Collection Gift

Michael Jackson Collection Gift
Hey It's the thought that counts.
Member reactions:
I hope to God that's not Jesus Juice I'm drinking there.

Funny Kyocera, BC collection

Kyocera, BC collection
The Kyocera BC Collection brings you: The Wood Telus. It's the phone Jesus's dad would've used.
Member reactions:
nice idea, but the silver frame on top doesn't match the whole concept
I like it, but ya shoulda carved the numbers into the buttons.
that is what im saying, now you done it very well. good job.

Funny Collection Plate

Collection Plate
Well...there goes THAT excuse.
Member reactions:
Well done and so true. It's all about the mighty dollar.
I agree with Eltrut. The church is getting greedy.

Funny Collection Apparatus

Collection Apparatus
We'll let people take things into their own hands. Yeah, that's the ticket.
Member reactions:
Look at your light source. 'Ground' the cup onto the pavement by adding a bit of shadow in the right direction. It'll get higher points.
A shadow wouldn't show much in that light, but darkening under the base of the mug is a good idea. Very good entry
Thanks for the comments folks. I did have the great internal debate of shadow vs. darkening just under the cup prior to submission. A shadow didn't quite fit... the light is too flat. (Look at the man and his walking stick... no noticable shadows.) At the same time, there is darkening under the mat. I tried to darken just enough but not too much as the base of the mug is far flatter than the mat. Probably not quite dark enough though... Also I darkened along the rim of the cup. The original source is a lot brighter there than fit. Again, thanks for the helpful comments.
All the other stuff aside, the social security card on the cup is great. Excellent.
The card is great LeeLee and the concept itself is brilliant.

Funny stamp collection

stamp collection
Member reactions:
A stamp is 37 cents... you may want to fix that. Hilarious pictures by the way. Great job.
There's no apostrophe in the plural of "Bums" unless you were referring to a particulat "Bum's" stamp collection.
I honestly think the price of a stamp is irrelevant...funny No problemo here

Funny The Kylie Collection

The Kylie Collection

Funny The Signature Collection Paints by Manet

The Signature Collection Paints by Manet

Funny Frog Collection

Frog Collection
Member reactions:
Excellent concept and nice way to present it all the best
A different approach. Nice idea, very creative.

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