E.coli Terrorist in a Field
E.coli Terrorist in a Field
E.coli Terrorist in a Field. Aazad wasn't the best person to tell to taint US food... he skipped "Popular American Cuisine 101" in terrorist school. Full view is bigger Source images E. coli bacteria may have come from tainted scallions
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apraxine, Aazad isn't very good at terrorism. Maybe it's just the US, but the list of veggies he's attempting to taint in order to kill us all are the ones that a lot of people would consider "yucky." The idea is he is picking the wrong foods in order to achieve mass murder. Make sense.
but i like spinach and i like chives
. . . as a vegetarian, I didn't get it either.
I think he is putting some vitamins that ecolly could grow better
Ray, as a vegetarian, I suspect you like veggies. I would also suspect that in the US, you are in the minority so far as people who actually eat veggies. We aren't exactly a country of health nuts, hence, purposely tainting veggies (yucky or otherwise) would be pretty ineffective on a mass scale.

Funny Taco Bell E-coli Improvements

Taco Bell E-coli Improvements
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A lot of details here. Would be unfair to even think about voting on this one without full view. Great job
Simply stunning work here... Still finding all the goodies in this, and rolling on the floor with laughter. This is fantastic.
"Hey, the Pepto Cola fountain is acting up again" A lot of details here...cool.
Fast food and fast medicine. Great combination. Excellent idea.
"Hey, we're going to Burger King...they have activated charcoal-broiled burger."
"Welcome to Taco Bell, may I take your order and insurance information, please."
good source pic and lots of work. good job. fullview needed.
Lots of details. Excellent photoshopping.

Funny E-coli Pepsi Machine

E-coli Pepsi Machine
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, that's funny. And obviously, self-serve.
"Do you want hot sauce, mild sauce, or syrup of ipecac."

Funny Spinach with E. Coli Can Toilet

Spinach with E. Coli Can Toilet
It keeps you going and going and going... Sources
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I just have to say this can of Popeye Spinach is freaking awesome.
From the can to the can.
I was not a big fan of spinach to start with, but after looking at this entry, I'm sure I'll never in my life eat it again. Brilliant entry.

Funny E Coli

E Coli
Everybody say explosive diarrhea. story

Funny E. Coli Symptoms After Eating Spinach

E. Coli Symptoms After Eating Spinach
An Advance Case Of E.Coli Effect
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Thats gotta be a case from California.....
I just washed my hair, and can't do a thing with it.
I just mowed my hair & can't do a thing with it.

Funny E Coli Free Spinach

E Coli Free Spinach
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If my boys saw this in real life, they would want it. Cute idea.

Funny E Coli Zombies

E Coli Zombies

Funny E.coli outbreak in Taco Bell

E.coli outbreak in Taco Bell
[ An outbreak of E-coli bacteria has sickened more than a dozen people on Long Island, including several who ate at Taco Bell. Officials have asked eight Taco Bell restaurants be closed. ] The above news might as well be worded as "12 people got sick of a Mexican phone company, and officials asked to close it down". When asked whether an outbreak in Long Island is related to an outbreak in New Jersey, health authorities said that this case of E.coli looks familiar and that it definitely rings a bell. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to a recent outbreak of E.coli in Taco Bell. E.g. how their advertising slogans and posters will change, or how it will affect their menu.

Funny Spinach and E. Coli

Spinach and E. Coli
[ The outbreak of E. coli linked to the spinach has made at least 166 people sick in 25 states. However, The Food and Drug Administration says that eating spinach is safe as long as it doesn't come from California's Salinas Valley. ] Later FDA added that all side effects that eating spinach may cause at this time start with "diar" and end with "rhea". Also, few people know that in FDA dictionary "safe" means "you'll stay alive if yer lucky". Years ago I attended an FDA conference where they said: "Eat more spinach, it'll put color in your cheeks." But dare I ask, how many of you want green cheeks, and brown butt-cheeks? In this contest you are asked to photoshop how spinach infected with E Coli may affect our society. Examples include creating miracle diets, products, weapons, paintings or advertisements based on E. Coli infected spinach.

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