Gary Coleman the President
Gary Coleman the President
Gary Coleman the President.

Funny US Army Spc. Justin Coleman

US Army Spc. Justin Coleman
I made this picture to honor my girlfriends nephew, US Army SPC Justin Dean Coleman. A hero who fought in Afghanistan and died for our country, at the young age of 21. May we never forget all you have done. You gave all. And I thank you, my brother in arms.
Member reactions:
Your chop will help to keep his memory alive.
I want to add my thanks to him as well. You've made a wonderful tribute.
Very moving and a fine tribute to a hero.

Funny Bruno with Gary Coleman

Bruno with Gary Coleman
Member reactions:
I didn't realize how old Gary is looking lately. I reckon that wife of his is aging him. love the chop.

Funny Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman
The Gary Coleman hiking expedition to Machu Pichu.
Member reactions:
Whatchu Pichu, Willis. I really like this one, just wish you'd done the hands too. Otherwise, really funny and well done.
I really like the Yoda look. Very good depiction.

Funny Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman comeback try misfires.

Funny John Kerry & Gary Coleman

John Kerry & Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman catches a political break.
Member reactions:
Verrrry nice work with the writing on coleman's t-shirt.
Nice entry, but maybe play with the levels a little.
It's a cloudy day, anything goes
Good to see Gary getting an airing once again - but then it is a cloudy day, as you say...
I think Maiden is right. The color/brightness/contrast doesn't really match. Still, funny idea.
Fine. Well, it really doesn't matter cause Im at work and I cant fix it, which frustrates me. Also, I must say, that I think colors have a lot to do with monitor settings and the like. I have noticed that the photos that I do that have Higher contrast and look dark on my puter do better by the votes. Like the Pricey gas photo I did, I set my monitor down to 6500K and shadowed it. But when I put it at 9600k it looked way wrong, I run my monitor high for CS gaming. Plus, who knows what these things look like on those LCD pannels... With this photo in particular, If I upped Colman then Kerry looks wrong, when I'd fix Kerry, then both would look wrong to the scene. Id try to up the scene but then the works would look odd. To me this looked the best, when after several drinks , I felt the humor of it was more important than perfection of colors I posted it... Thanks for the feedback though. I may need to tune my colors up right or down less vodka. How can you go wrong with Gary Coleman...

Funny Gary Coleman Sumo Fighter

Gary Coleman Sumo Fighter
I said, "What you talk about, Wirris-san."

Funny Schwarzenegger & Gary Coleman

Schwarzenegger & Gary Coleman
Taken Right before Arnold tossed Gary over the cliff

Funny Zipper & Coleman Cooler Camping

Zipper & Coleman Cooler Camping
Zip up the tent honey, I'm getting cold.

Funny Gary Coleman Ghost

Gary Coleman Ghost
Member reactions:
No one told me Gary Coleman was dead. Kinda bummed, now.
Married With Ghosts.
Dam Gary Coleman looks possessed good 1

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