Baby it's Cold Outside
Baby it's Cold Outside
Baby it's Cold Outside. Member reactions:
Harvey Weinstein is getting very small.😜
Devito's physique and the look of Weinstein 😁
Big translation problems Devito's physique and Weinstein's gaze😁

Funny Baby it's Cold Outside

Baby it's Cold Outside
Member reactions:
Outstanding job done. Superb window view and newspaper signs.
Grats on top 5 We need our plastic 5th Place trophy award. Clever ideas in this HH.

Funny Stone Cold

Stone Cold
 Roger Stone Arrested in Pajamas
Member reactions:
Fantastic work here, this was more of the Left's sick doings, they are way out of control.
Thanks Hobbit. Yep it took 29 FBI Agents to arrest a 66 year old before dawn using Gestapo tactics for little more than "process crimes"...
The FBI is working for the LEFT, this has got to STOP.
Reggie, Congrats on the pic, Out of the Box Pic, Tops...
Congrads on the Gold, I guess we still in business.
Congrats on anther Gold, Reggie. Great contrast and your caricature work is superb.
Thanks everybody, Bob, HoHouse, PS, Crafty (I almost used the rabbit ear cap), Gumster (time ran out working to add CNN Anderson C. and Wolf B. ), Splats, thanks for the good word and compliment of my caricature work and Hobbit, thank you for the super nice compliments always appreciated.

Funny Baby it's Cold Outside

Baby it's Cold Outside
Member reactions:
Hat works very well and Christmas lights a nice touch.

Funny Cold Cardinal

Cold Cardinal
Member reactions:
Nicely wrapped red bird, with a great background choice

Funny It's cold, mother. Is it because president is Donald Trump?

It's cold, mother. Is it because president is Donald Trump?

Funny Cold Kisses.

Cold Kisses.

Funny The sphinx caught a cold

The sphinx caught a cold

Funny Too Cold

Too Cold

Funny Zombie Putin Reviving the Cold War

Zombie Putin Reviving the Cold War
Member reactions:
I just read a few things on that. The guy is a certifiable A55whole. Excellent chop well thought out with real details A+++... Wood congrats.
Congrats Jeremiah. Iron curtain zombies look just like the ones in the "free world"

Funny Cold War

Cold War
Russia will be setting up its army in the disputed Arctic area to protect its oil interests in the region. Shrinking polar ice will be making it easier to extract and ship the oil from the Arctic where over 25% of the Earth's oil is located. With Russia's rapidly depleting oil deposits, the Arctic can become Russia's main source of oil by 2020. Russia will be the first country to setup its military base in the Arctic region... this might be the first step in the real "cold" war. With temperatures that cold Russia's might as well start recruiting local Polar animals for its Arctic army. In this contest you are to militarize any Arctic animals (polar bears, penguins, walruses, seals, arctic whales, belugas, etc.). Give them some weapons and military uniforms (of any country), make them operate military equipment, etc.

Funny Cold Draft Beer

Cold Draft Beer
Photoshop this cold draft beer image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-shaping the beer glass, decorating this cold draft beer, using this cold draft beer image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the cold draft beer into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Alexandre Setter and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Cold Weather

Cold Weather
Photoshop how extremely cold weather will affect life in New England - businesses, politics, traffic, civil activities, etc. Suggesting creative ways to cope with cold New England weather is a plus.

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