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Funny Cola Pictures

Mayan American Mural San ColaFunny Mayan American Mural San Cola
Member reactions:

i like this bc it took me a minute to get it and then i laughed.
Lot of funky creatures added in this art work... and the usage of coco-cola is really very interesting

Vermeer - Lady Gaga `Il bicchiere di Coca Cola`Funny Vermeer - Lady Gaga `Il bicchiere di Coca Cola`
Member reactions:

Lady Gaga or Gentleman Gaga . Excellent work of Goggles and Mustache
Crazy chop, nice glasses and freaky looks
First priority was Democratic party election headquarter 2012. Gaga is more FREAKING. Thank you.

Red or Blue ColaFunny Red or Blue Cola
Member reactions:
these products have been shown to contain high amounts of sugar , which over a long time of consumption can really harm the human body , may be no brand plain ol Water is what we all need
the logos of the both the bottles looks so clean and good merge
very innovative Concept and very well done
Thank you TheDunceCap , AzureSky , ericnorthernd , rajeshstar , bolodiya ..

Coca Cola sTruck in Van Gogh PaintingFunny Coca Cola sTruck in Van Gogh Painting
Member reactions:

Good job but the truck need some work

Coca Cola OilFunny Coca Cola Oil
Member reactions:

Oil Cola AdvertFunny Oil Cola Advert
Member reactions:

translation, see title
Nice play on words on LUKOIL (Russian company)

Coca-cola HourglassFunny Coca-cola Hourglass
Member reactions:

I totally am in love with the concept, but why is the image so small. It would score much higher if not such a small size

McDonalds and Coca Cola in Old PaintingFunny McDonalds and Coca Cola in Old Painting
Member reactions:

"amount defects is a constant "...early globalization...capitalist vices
Since I have never seen this picture before and I don't think it's an ad for mickey D or coke, I think you put in the work to chop this pix and did a good job at that. It's better then average, so I would give it a 7 if you count stars.
ha,ha,,,great way to express this "vices" addiction ) great work ... I have rated with 10 ... -Edited by Moderator on 6/9/2010 10:07:36 PM
thk lidia and Goat...all the best for you
I agree with HoHouse in that it is a new source for me, also. Good luck.
Damn another first, Congrads, I'm just glad there's room at the bottom.
Full on strange hahahahah Nice job indeed.

Coca Cola Carbonated Lake ResortFunny Coca Cola Carbonated Lake Resort
Member reactions:

Coca Cola has developed a vacation resort at the site of the world's only naturally carbonated cola lake. Attractions include Cola Boat rides and observing Big Gulp helicopters suck up 2000 gallons of cola and fly off to distant bottling facilities.

Coca Cola Christmas OrnamentFunny Coca Cola Christmas Ornament
Member reactions:

Cola Causes Bone FractureFunny Cola Causes Bone Fracture - [ American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that consumption of cola leads to significantly lower bone density, higher bone fracture risk for women, and to bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, according to the new study of more than 2,500 adults. However, the study found no such harmful effects for men who consumed cola on a regular basis. ] OK, the good news is drinking cola does not cause bone fractures in men. The bad news - it's causing bone fractures in women. I hope whoever conducted the research did not mix up the results for men and women. Because otherwise I can envision this report months ahead: "The bad news is we've been treating the wrong group (women) against bone fractures. The good news is men are slowly starting to recover." When asked to comment on the situation, Pepsi and Coke bosses said that "bones are like rules - they're made to be broken." In this contest you are asked to photoshop new advertising campaigns for either Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola featuring some element of bone thinning, bone fracture (broken bones), or osteoporosis. If you use people in your chop, please use "women victims" only, because the research found harmful effect only for women. Feel free to create cast paintjobs or bandage paintjobs promoting Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola.

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