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Funny Coke Pictures

Coke now comes in a BucketFunny Coke now comes in a Bucket
Member reactions:

Congrads a 5 and 6 from the votes that count thanks
This is as nutty as Obama. Love the expressions on Obama and Biden..

Diet CokeFunny Diet Coke
Member reactions:

Spray CokeFunny Spray Coke
Member reactions:
Coka Cola introduces the 32 ounce spray bottle SOURCE:
I agree, I need it for all those hard to clean places
Coke contains pesticide contents... and this will work better to clean our washrooms
Hundreds of uses for this. (I just can't think of them). Funny idea DD. Congrats
Beyond clever... what a novel idea. Congrats
Congrats on the Wood. For realism, this should have won.
Cool work Deaddog and Congrats on the woody trophy

COKE and a SMILEFunny COKE and a SMILE
Member reactions:

so hard to find pure stuff nowadays, who knows who stepped on it......
Aww, did you miss the other contest. Def woulda gave you a high rating, a lot of them were not good.
ha thanx, It's hard to hit these deadlines when I werk. I try and squeeze in chops on my breaks.......
no B12 or baby laxitive in this batch, just foot fungus,toe jam or atheletes feets.
Amazing chop great to see coke man again inside the pouch.... Freaky Genius
Best use of the source funny mold of the concept full marks

Degas Coke and smoke advertisementFunny Degas Coke and smoke advertisement
Member reactions:

Lady with Bended handed ha ha ha
Very well balance in this chop good idea and nice job done to make the look feel real
Love this so much, I looked up the original. Well done xxx

coke bears hate eclipseFunny coke bears hate eclipse
Member reactions:

eclipse makes little bears sad they need a coke to cheer them up XD
Nice zero calories soda for the Polar Bears good bear foot prints well ambiance used
Cola-beery why this cola-beery ha ha ha very nice work

Co.b.KE Diet CokeFunny Co.b.KE Diet Coke
Member reactions:

Co.b.KE_Diet... a drink gentle with the ladies
Perfect chop, good blending of the words over it

My Daughter and a Big Bottle of CokeFunny My Daughter and a Big Bottle of Coke
Member reactions:

Wonderful chop, wonderful daughter. However, please remove the snake paint job (or paint it differently) otherwise it's considered "recycling" of your previous work.

Woman in Love With CokeFunny Woman in Love With Coke
Member reactions:

Pink Coke VanFunny Pink Coke Van
Member reactions:

I don't think it's going to taste very well. Good Job.

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