The morning coffee for Native American No.1
The morning coffee for Native American No.1
The morning coffee for Native American No.1. His wife "Slender Antelope" is clinging White Wigwam.
Member reactions:
Processing on the additions takes realism away, but everything else is pretty great.

Funny No Coffee For Old Men movie

No Coffee For Old Men movie

Funny Obama with Milk of Rat Coffee

Obama with Milk of Rat Coffee
he was a volunteer, only
Member reactions:
nice work on Obama's face. spelling correction; "made with rat milk" or; "made with the milk of rats" althouh now i'm not sure...maybe it's; made with the milk FROM rats"
oh wait, i think i misunderstood, haha. sorry. jere needs to sleep more hours i guess.
Look at the angle of the top of the table. That's the angle the tops of the coffees should have. The first one closest to Obama is okay. The other two are way off. You should also warp the Heineken labels to mimic the curvature of the glasses. Yours are flat. Why is Obama there. Perhaps instead of Heineken, which really doesn't make any sense, you should use the Star Bucks logo and call it, "Rat Bucks." JMO
Rather good chop, but perspectiuve problems are too evident.
Apart from the perspective angle, it's a quality work, but again, it does not have to be Obama in every chop. In fact this chop would only benefit without having any people there focusing on the product.
Congrats my friend, Very creative chop. Congrats on the cup. This tutorial may help. Single point perspective

Funny The Workers on their Coffee Break

The Workers on their Coffee Break
Member reactions:
Great Image. Luv the lunch box. Photo-Choppers should beware.
Very cool looking image with great color nice take on the classic.
Very Nice and Great finish. Congrats, Hobbit.

Funny Starbucks G.I. Java Coffee

Starbucks G.I. Java Coffee
Howard Schultz (pictured) is CEO of Starbucks.

Funny God Making Some Coffee by Michelangelo

God Making Some Coffee by Michelangelo
Member reactions:
Hahahaha I love it. Your stuff is always clean as a whistle

Funny Freaky Clown Making Coffee

Freaky Clown Making Coffee
Member reactions:
It seems this guy don't like the pictures contest
He is filling this Teapot with the Cold blood..
It looks like Jason straving for more hot blood Crushing his victims with the crusher Very well done... like the creature and the background good one
, wicked.Like Mike Meyers meets Pennywhistle Freaky strange

Funny George Clooney with a Coffee Grinder

George Clooney with a Coffee Grinder
Member reactions:
Good work with the placement on table with Logo and reflection
Nice background used with Coffee beans jar on the table well merged like it
Fabolous Very clean and neat Nice Texture

Funny Barack Obama Coffee in a Grinder

Barack Obama Coffee in a Grinder
Member reactions:
There is a catch.. How his half of the face in Grinder is in Solid state
I like the outcome..... can be used as a agricultural Pesticide
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. Obama is grounded, .
This is a good looking chop, Doc. Congratulations on the cup.
Congrats, Paul. I don't want drink Hawaiian brand coffee anymore.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, G-Man. Yeah, Andrew...stay away from that brew.

Funny Lamp and Jewelry Box Made From Coffee Grinder

Lamp and Jewelry Box Made From Coffee Grinder
Member reactions:
You know, that is actually a pretty cool application for an old mill grind. I think they call that shabby sheik. Good looking chop.

Funny Vintage Coffee Grinder

Vintage Coffee Grinder
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the vintage coffee grinder any way you wish (image credit: Pleclown). Some examples are - re-design the coffee grinder, merge it with other vintage objects, show how it can be used in unusual ways. These are just some ideas.

Funny Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot
Photoshop this coffee pot image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this coffee pot with some objects or animals; placing the coffee pot into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Coffee

More Americans are dependent on caffeine these days than ever before. Sleep deprivation, long work hours and job-related stress, recent mortgage and market problems, all put additional pressure on the nation making it consume coffee and caffeine in skyrocket doses. Recent survey showed that Chicago is the most caffeinated U.S. city, followed by Tampa, Miami, Phoenix and Atlanta. Americans did not just increase coffee consumption, they also consume more tea, chocolate, sodas, and caffeine pills. Photoshop anything related to coffee. Some examples may include showing coffee in paintings and works of art, motivational posters using coffee, creative advertisements for coffee, showing nation's addiction to coffee, what would happen if we suddenly had to live without coffee.

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