Roger Codger
Roger Codger
Roger Codger. Member reactions:
He was a hottie when he was young, Darn Good Pic.
Congrads on the Silver, always a favorite.
Congrats Hitspinner, Love this pic,Tops...
Grats on Silver Hits. It took Me back to your Beatles wins 😎👍🏼
Another Beauty. Eye-catching sweet stuff. Congrats on the Silver Hits.

Funny Cash For Old Codgers Scheme

Cash For Old Codgers Scheme
Since the "Cash For Clunkers" program didn't do very well, Obama will try his "Cash For Codgers" program...hoping to do better.
Member reactions:
Hahaha, even Gobry is there. I'm sure the program is a big success.
Thanks, badseed. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, Disasterman. thanks, Newsy.
Thanks, G-Man. Glad I could be of service.
The funniest chop I've seen in a long time...even thou I'm a prime candidate...
Thanks,'re only as old as you feel. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
Silver Congrats Paul . . . Great composition and lots of cool details as always . . . the kids' expressions especially are priceless
Thanks, qtrmoonshop. Appreciate the nice comments.

Funny Codger Black Sabbath

Codger Black Sabbath
Because of Ozzy's busy schedule - Dan Rather accepts Geezer Bulters offer to join Black Sabbath for their 2005 "Memo Bloody Memo" Tour.
Member reactions:
Lighting is different on Dan...he wouldn't like that.

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