Tropical cocktail
Tropical cocktail
Tropical cocktail. Member reactions:
Very interesting man-meaty goodness tail.

Funny Cocktail Party Digital Art

Cocktail Party Digital Art
This digital art was done by using a photograph for reference. The stonework in the background is the one piece that is not mine. It was from a Kozzie image. Also, I designed her dress but did not do the lacework on it. That came from an image on the internet too.

Funny Strange Fruit Cocktail

Strange Fruit Cocktail
Member reactions:
Great, great, you have a fan here in Brazil
Thanks guys, this contest was a lot tougher to come up with an idea than I first thought.
Another "funky" beauty. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Nuclear Cocktail

Nuclear Cocktail
Member reactions:
Cool pic, but it is not a famous painting nor a film.
My head felt like i drank some of that this Memorial day weekend
i think i saw this film. an independent. good movie, great chop.
Great idea with the Nuclear water source...though I do agree as to being off theme.
I find it dishonest to pass off such a source as your own.
I really like this but don't know how to vote cause it doesn't follow contest rules ... there goes my karma I guess.
Nice use of sources Luciano. Kellie, I'm amazed at your knowledge of source images, very impressive. You can send a few sites my way if you want.

Funny Cocktail Pear

Cocktail Pear

Funny Hot Dog Martini - Weiner Cocktail

Hot Dog Martini - Weiner Cocktail
Source. Link.

Funny Spy Cocktail

Spy Cocktail
Send her one of these and find out what she really thinks.

Funny Vegan Cocktail

Vegan Cocktail

Funny Cocktail Shaking with John Kerry

Cocktail Shaking with John Kerry
Emulating Tom Cruise to appeal to the youth, John Kerry explains how he didn't really shake, before he did shake. Log in, View Full.
Member reactions:
Funny idea and great chop. I think a blur on Kerry's face would be good for this.
That's hilarious. Did he really use tequila before he didn't.
I voted against this entry before I voted for it later...

Funny Cocktails for Two in Front of NY Police

Cocktails for Two in Front of NY Police

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