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Funny Cockroaches Pictures

Member reactions:
Excellent work on constructing a roach from a mantis. Excellent shadowing on roach. But . . . you've gotta work on the wall upon which the roach encroaches. Need to break up/blend the (7) portions of the wall. Suggest (in PS): Use clone tool or blurring tool to blend in increments in wall OR If you got the wall sections on individual layers, use Free Transform (Ctrl-T on a PC), Then (Right Click on mouse button to show menu) flip Horizontal or Vertical on intermittent sections of the wall, then smoosh the intersections of the sections using tools at hand. No doubt there are other ways to get rid of the bands. BWDIK.
An even easier way to fix the wall is to use this background:
Wicked nice chop. Ditto on pcrdds' comment on chop fix. Fix advice from pcrdds was way better idea for solution.
Hidden...Me thinks your roach's body shadow on the left and bottom is way too dark.
Ditto on pcrdds' comment on good fix to shadow. Great work on chop.
Excellent work, very interesting. Good luck
Wonderful chop great to see the man-meaty goodness roch in green color, might be she is using green tea regularly wonderful job done

Cockroach on StrikeFunny Cockroach on Strike
Member reactions:

Ambiental Coc kroach... or double intention xD
Nice job on the reflections in the spoon

Cockroaches MovieFunny Cockroaches Movie
Member reactions:

Freaking awesome remake. I also like how you cleanly removed the original title and put in the new one.
Renfield (the nutso spider-eater in Dracula)would be proud of your work as you should.

Cockroach HotelFunny Cockroach Hotel
Member reactions:

This product was a bad idea,especially in this ecomony.Consumers found it much too gratuitous and expensive.The roaches went in and never came out.Not because they died,it's because they could'nt stop playing slots.
Rolling on the floor laughing. This is especially funny for me, as I live in Las Vegas. The toy welcome sign is the cherry on top.
Hilarious. Some shadows would make it better

Yoda CockroachFunny Yoda Cockroach
Member reactions:

Kentucky Fried CockroachesFunny Kentucky Fried Cockroaches
Member reactions:

Nature's most resilient creature, in regular or extra-crispy.
I don't think I'm ever eating at KFC again.'s about time they found a use for those extra tennants.
Congrats on your first trophy Moohaha
KFC way my favorite - but this image turned me off for good now.

Maybe It Won't Be Twinkies & CockroachesFunny Maybe It Won't Be Twinkies & Cockroaches
Member reactions:

Hostess Brands closing for good

Gerber Baby Cockroach FormulaFunny Gerber Baby Cockroach Formula
Member reactions:

It does a baby good.
Cool. The top roach needs some shadows though

Man Smoking a CockroachFunny Man Smoking a Cockroach
Member reactions:

Poor little fella looks startled.
, i'd own a pet roach if i could scare that look onto it every morning

Cockroaches Made with Barack ObamaFunny Cockroaches Made with Barack Obama
Member reactions:

thats amazing. I had to stare at it for a little bit to figure out what it was.Then the light bulb went on. That is COOL. Good job.
Great concept and great work on the insect bodies. The legs and antennas look drawn though

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