O.J Simpson and Johnnie Cochran
O.J Simpson and Johnnie Cochran
O.J Simpson and Johnnie Cochran. who won the acquittal of O. J. Simpson
Member reactions:
I thought I felt the universe shake. The curse is broken my man.......... Very well done and very well deserved.Awesome congrads on the #1 spot for a teriffic chop
If it doesn't fit you must aquit A chop this cold deserves the Gold.
Congrats Hohouse. I knew lightning would strike sooner or later. Great work and congrats on the GOLD. WTG.
Thanks, and my Bookie said the odds were once in a lifetime and now I have to go check out the Obits. If this is what it looks like on top of the mountain for a day, I getting dizzy.
Congrats HH. nice chop.. (no pun intended, .)
hoooohouse very good... bravo ,,... congratulations ..
From a pro athlete to a 0, glad they caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, without the gloves..........

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