Chris Brown with a Pile of Cocaine
Chris Brown with a Pile of Cocaine
Chris Brown with a Pile of Cocaine. Stars with criminal pasts honored at BET Awards , Whats this freaking world coming to ....
Member reactions:
Looks gr8 what you'v done with the source In your title did u mean for it 2b BEST or BET.
Yo. Kellie. BET is 'Black Entertainment Television'. YO. Dawg-ette.
Its BET , just like Geriatric says , Thx Kellie & Geriatric ....
Yea , it does resemble the Scarface theme , hahaha . Thx Carl3 ...
Thx for the heads up geriatric, good luck author.

Funny Charlie and the Cocaine Factory Book

Charlie and the Cocaine Factory Book
Member reactions:
Nice job. But the powder is falling from the book seems doesn't fit.
photochoping chocain is no joke...... tuff crowd, hahahahaa
So we can finally get stoned from too much reading

Funny Charlie Sheen the Snow White Cocaine Goddess

Charlie Sheen the Snow White Cocaine Goddess
Charlie as Snow White or the Cocaine Goddess.
Member reactions:
Great chop Congrats on Gold.
Rain man does it again, nice to see you back.
Nice to see you still got it, although i never doubted it. Congrats........ I think Charlie's been caught in a snowstorm for quite some time now. .
"Well Done RM, nice touch using Disney's Snow White body for 'Ol Charlie." .
Congrats AZ, glad to see you back, hope you can stick around a while.
Thanks all...time for some FN practice, my skills have really gotten rusty..
Congrats on the win, rain. As Charlie says he is WINNING.
and the cat opened her second Eye. great comeback AZ, if this is rusty, then I should break my grindstone , congrats
hey welcome back teacher .. we all missed you great work as always and congrats on the gold ..

Funny Spanish Cocaine Lab Bust

Spanish Cocaine Lab Bust
Spanish police seize 'largest, most sophisticated' cocaine lab What if Bill Nye "The Science Guy" was running the Lab.
Member reactions:
The message he received on the phone was...from Pablo E. says... "Bill. their onto us get out of there... asap....."
I can't picture Bill Nye running this type of Lab on Earth; maybe Mars.
It's a fabulous, illustration chop but I don't see the connection between the article and Bill Nye. Sorry.
Yeah I know Bill Nye doesn't have anything to do with it, but I just thought since he was a scientist, just to make things more interesting, wouldn't it be funny if he was running the lab, since he is such a clean cut guy, but I guess it didn't translate well enough.
Actually I don't like to read news, but I like the way you worked here. It's Amazing and Colorful Chop.
Lots of work. Amazing satirical composition around the news article. Professional.
beautiful and mass of details work here BENZIBOX , Nothing Better than FN to reinvigorate and sharpen one's skills. Congrats.
Congrats on the silver, Benzi. You are on a roll.

Funny Girls snorting Cocaine from a Pizza

Girls snorting Cocaine from a Pizza
Cocaine Sold out of Bronx Pizza Shop
Member reactions:
Betcha they get a lot of calls to "Supersize it."
Hilarious. Super size it.

Funny Joe Biden Cocaine Affair

Joe Biden Cocaine Affair
Member reactions:
Nice choice of story. "sniffing soon"

Funny Cocaine de Roche

Cocaine de Roche

Funny Whitney Houston Cocaine Problem

Whitney Houston Cocaine Problem
Member reactions:
another attack of laughter for me - Cool entry.

Funny Woman Snorting Cocaine On a Blackberry

Woman Snorting Cocaine On a Blackberry
Member reactions:
This way she'll stiff all her sms messages
This could be possible in near future when all the smart phones will become more smarter to give you smell of cocaine
This is amazing and It will be true image in future

Funny Paris Hilton Snorting Cocaine

Paris Hilton Snorting Cocaine
Paris Hilton Arrested on Cocaine Charges
Member reactions:
"It wasn't my Coke-it was the Tooth Fairy's."
Decent chop and she deserves to be put in jail again. geri.

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