Shelby Cobra 1963
Shelby Cobra 1963
Shelby Cobra 1963.

Funny Cobra Cop

Cobra Cop

Funny Bird Cobra Lays a Golden Egg

Bird Cobra Lays a Golden Egg

Funny Cobra Around Statue of Liberty

Cobra Around Statue of Liberty
Egyptian Cobra Loose in New York City
Member reactions:
Hey nice work, Add some shadows to the statue of the snake. It will look real.
Thx for the advice Krrish , i had a feeling i missed something out. Its the weekend , everything is a rush job whenthe sun is shining outside . All fixed now. I've been looking at your work lately & its very impressive i must say .....
K thank you. I would like to see some water drops falling from the snake's face. It will be freaking if you do it.
Yes ,the water drops falling from its mouth would of been great . If i had time this weekend ,i would of done that .. Its been so busy these days with the weather finally sunny in Europe , i had to go outside for awhile & enjoy the outside cafe's . Thx Krrish ...
Great idea. Would have been better to use a photo of a real Cobra.
Ya, some times, time sucks. Pcrdds has a point..
You did an impressive work of blending illustration and real photo and brought them into harmony. The way you did the water wave is nice
Nice work Chili. I really liked this piece.
illustration and real photo .. that's tricky and risky, but u managed it pretty well Chili,beautiful work.

Funny Cobra Seized Twitter

Cobra Seized Twitter
news source pictures
Member reactions:
This cobra sure made the news last week. Perhaps we should do a contest on sssssnakessssss

Funny Cleopatra the Cobra

Cleopatra the Cobra
Her kiss will kill you.
Member reactions:
What Kell said. The snake bracelet is was a great idea

Funny Glass Cobra Car

Glass Cobra Car
Member reactions:
You know I like your glass stuff News A lot diff to some of the other "stuff" u submit LoL
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Funny Cobra Christmas Present

Cobra Christmas Present

Funny Porsche Cobra

Porsche Cobra

Funny Shelby Cobra Car

Shelby Cobra Car
A tribute to one of my favorite cars of all time, the Shelby Cobra, designed by Carrol Shelby. These were originally made in the 1960's and are still made as reproductions today. The cobra took his new ride that carries his namesake for a little spin, and needed to grab some gas. PLEASE VIEW IN FULL, THERE ARE SCALE REFLECTIONS IN THE PAINT. 8D
Member reactions:
Pretty cool image. You could balance the color a little bit to make the cobra look like it is dusk--to match the rest of the picture.
Excellent work. Looks like eggs inside the car, .

Funny Cobras

Interesting news from India - thousands of monocle cobras live in the villages outside Calcutta. The snakes became like pets there - village people feed them and children play with them. Local cobras also help villagers fight rodents which destroy the crops. According to a legend, monocle cobras - the black snakes with a typical circle on their hood - settled in the areas outside Calcutta on the orders of the snake goddess Manasa. Photoshop cobras any way you wish. Some examples are: showing how life would be different if cobras ruled the world; merging cobras with other animals or objects, including cobras in movies and paintings, etc.

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