Kurt Cobain with an American Flag
Kurt Cobain with an American Flag
Kurt Cobain with an American Flag. As American as guns and cigarettes.
Member reactions:
Like the way the gun and the cigar is being wrapped with flags
thanks. the flag in the background is all me as well.
Cool paintwork work on the gun and the ciggie. One of my favorites in the contest
Thanks. I thought this one (and the Bruce Lee one, given that I didn't do such a hot job on it) would do the worst of all my entries, even though it was pretty darn cool and well done, but it did the best. Who knew. Oh yeah...I like the effect the angle of the flag its orientation lengthwise give the pic as well...kind of an illusion of depth that wasn't there in the original.

Funny Kurt Cobain Ghost at a Justin Bieber Concert

Kurt Cobain Ghost at a Justin Bieber Concert
I liked the contrasts and various tones...
Member reactions:
Kurt Cobain had a black pe... oh wait, that's a microphone.
Nice pic & I agree re the tones etc...though could neva see this pair doin a combo...Kurt has to much taste.
Haha, exactly... was going for "unexpected places" side of the brief... grip that mic.
Fantastic work with colors and smoke effects.
Congrats on the Woody. Love the smoke, great work. And yardles' comment.

Funny Kurt Cobain Photoshop

Kurt Cobain Photoshop
Listen, I'm not a very talkative person normally, but this time I feel like sharing something. It really is the best competition he has been on freaking news since I'm here. Let me explain. For some time, I was not very motivated and I was wondering what was my goal. I told myself I was not good enough and that I could not understand what made me continue. With this competition, I finally understood. It's just that I always loved doing that. As far back as I can remember, I always liked that. What is incredible in what I tell you is that the work right, I've created when I was a teenager I recall. This work represents my beginning with photomontages by hand. I had no idea that someday I would do the same thing but with this high-performance software. Photoshop... In that time, I used really magazines, scissors, paint, pencils and glue. The left one I created at the beginning, a few months ago when I arrived on freaking news. Without even thinking, I almost recreate the same image, several years later with much higher skills about 10 years before. It made me realize how much I move and how technology has evolved. It really helped me out how much I've improved and why I continue to do so. Thank you to the person who got that idea, you revived me wings. Even if I do not rank among the top 4 for me I won. I gained confidence in me. I won the taste to continue. Who knows how I even moved in 10 years.
Member reactions:
The right chop reminds me some Picasso stuff.
great stuff ,,we all go through that,, i used to feel if i didn't get on the fist page ive failed somehow,, the truth is there are so many talented ppl on here, and we all deserve high marks..,, just do whats in your heart,, and what makes you happy.. its your creative outlook by the way,,nice work hidden
I love the personal insights you provided. You spoke out of the hearts of many of us. Your chop is great and goes perfectly with your comments. Keep on chopping man.
i feel the same way as you .. i've only made one chop on here but felt really discouraged when i didn't make the rankings or the first page... i will keep at it though this chop is really nice/creative .. and i mean it g/l
Thank you very much. This is a personal reflection that I had and I'm glad to see that some of you share the same feelings. But as Pree said, we're all good in our own way. At the risk of repeating myself, what matters most basically, is to appreciate what we do and have fun doing it.
I have just noticed the author's comment with many insights... did you add it later because I did not see it originally. Thank you for sharing your personal feelings and experience of photoshopping and FN participation. That made me remember that times when I used to make collages from magazines - it was pretty popular many years ago. That's how we had fun back then. And we have even more fun thanks to Photoshop these days. Thank you for bringing back the nice memories. We have tough competition lately at FN, and so if your chop doesn't place as high it doesn't mean that you failed. Look at all the quality chops that placed below your chop and you'll know you did not fail.
Newsy thank you. Yes, effictive I posted my comment then because I thought I would not have time to post my chop. Yes, there are some very talented people here. In fact, when I said that I was discouraged by FN but also in general in my career. I felt great challenge and I felt no longer evolved and obviously there is this contest that made me realize. All the fun I had when I searched my old boxes of old drawings and collages. I keep everything in a closet and it never opened a door that I almost never. Now we keep everything on DVD or CD. It allowed me to make this beautiful awareness as what I have to continue what I started long ago.
You shouldn't be discouraged you have real talent, you have originality, a unique way to make art... is there anybody doing something in your style. No. We can't win all the time but every time we gain something we gain experience, friends, respect... so my dear friend don't feel discouraged at all and go on.
Doin' it first for your own pleasure is the way to transmit this passion to others, that's certain, it will sparkle... it is sparkling. Remember Kurt "I'm worst at what I do best, and for this gift, I feel blessed"
It's nice to win, but I put that second to my work. I enter things all the time that I know is not very voter friendly. I just like to throw stuff out there and see what happens. Hey, how many paintings did Van Gogh sell.
you spoke from the heart Isabelle, and what comes from the heart reaches other hearts. whether it's on the front page or not, doesn't really matter, as long as ur enjoying what you do, and loving it ... that's the real Prize, Congrats
i agree with guys you are great artist .. congrats on the bronze and keep going dear ..
Great chop. Thanks for sharing your story, as it brought back a remembrance of a collage I had done for a yearbook many many years ago. It's funny how we are who we are.
You are welcome, Isabelle. and congrats on the bronze. Carl on Van Gogh. So true.

Funny God of Rock Kurt Cobain Caricature

God of Rock Kurt Cobain Caricature
Kurt Cobain
Member reactions:
Quality work. Wish the image was larger though and the face sharper

Funny Robert Pattinson as Kurt Cobain

Robert Pattinson as Kurt Cobain
Member reactions:
Great job here making Rob look like Kurt. Not sure he has the talent to act Kurt though...
"...no one can replace Kurt" Well except Ibou with this design
The liquifier strikes bronze... Nicely done young lady. Might be an interesting movie even though I never could get my head into Nirvanna
thats was great chop Iboudesign congrats on the bronze , and keep going
, a beautiful tribute to a great artist Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Kurt Cobain Puppet

Kurt Cobain Puppet
Please view full source
Member reactions:
Excellent in Full view. Love how you did Kurt's outfit - red bowler hat and red bow tie.
Silver strings for ibou, the puppet master. Congrats.
Congrats Ibou .. every piece includes Kurt... is a winner in my book
I was sure this will be between the winners Congratulations.
great thanks everyone, happy that you like it.

Funny Kurt Cobain by Andy Warhol

Kurt Cobain by Andy Warhol
View full for face details
Member reactions:
clean work

Funny Kurt Cobain in Heaven

Kurt Cobain in Heaven
A small tribute for my idol for a long time ago...Kurt Cobain...Rock is not dead
Member reactions:
I LOVE IT.... Awesome. I am a HUGE NIRVANA FAN.
Nicely done... I was a HUGE fan... A shame he passed so soon...
Rock will never die but, musicians will-all too soon.
One of the best works in the show. Great tribute to Kurt

Funny Afrin - curt cobain

Afrin - curt cobain
Please full view. ...and yes, I know, I'm in the passing lane to New Jersey for this one...
Member reactions:
I agree with Niels, although it is well done, it isn't in good taste.
Baimoo I agree with Niels, although it is well done, it isn't in good taste. I was under the impression that the whole point of this contest wast to point out how in bad taste using dead celebs in your advertisments actually is. The whole concept is in bad taste in the real world.

Funny Kurt Cobain Giving Elvis the Bird

Kurt Cobain Giving Elvis the Bird
Cobain becomes Forbes' top dead celebrity earner
Member reactions:
Just goes to show you, too much hair product never pays off.
Me likey. Very artistic and hilarious chop of Cobain and Elvis

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