Mr Magoo on a Rollar Coaster
Mr Magoo on a Rollar Coaster
Mr Magoo on a Rollar Coaster. Enlarge to see facial detail.
Member reactions:
Stunning. Love these kind of "cartoons to life" chops.
Congrats on the Gold LunaC. I second what Newsy said
Gold for Magoo,wonderful chop Luna,congrats
Congrats on the win, he is so adorable, always loved Magoo.
Thanks for the comments and votes. I enjoy turning cartoons into 3D "real" characters. Some are harder than others.
When ever anyone cautions me to drive carefully on the road that day. I always reply "Don't worry, I'll drive just like Mr. Magoo" By the Way, Luna. Great License Plate.

Funny The Obama Administration Roller Coaster

The Obama Administration Roller Coaster
Member reactions:
So a Roller Coaster fund rising month for Obama... collected over $181 Million.... ... and well done with the roller coaster ride all the big shots together enjoying

Funny Track Runner Robot on a Roller Coaster

Track Runner Robot on a Roller Coaster
Member reactions:
This WIP is really amazing so nicely done and you are perfect in doing so
Totally awesome work....I love the (WIP). Great job....Bravo.

Funny Mac Computer Roller Coaster

Mac Computer Roller Coaster
Member reactions:
My goodness, what a tour de force. How on earth did you do it...

Funny Skeleton on a Roller Coaster

Skeleton on a Roller Coaster
Member reactions:
Unique but, familiar to us all-someday.Nice work.
Looks like the last ride......period. good stuff.

Funny Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu Together on a Roller Coaster

Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu Together on a Roller Coaster
Image Sources
Member reactions:
Let's all enjoy the ride together. Love it.

Funny Old Roller Coaster

Old Roller Coaster
Image credit: lostlosangeles.
Member reactions:
But in front very hot Nice job

Funny Boy in a Roller Coaster Car

Boy in a Roller Coaster Car

Funny Political Roller Coaster

Political Roller Coaster
The circularity of peace talks and continuality of fighting from both sides, Israel and her neighbors, has been part of my life since I was born. Everybody's looking to prosper, some are earning from wars and until the fighting stops those politicians on the train may go for another ride. From the front to the back: Bibi Netanyahu - prime minister Ehud Barrack - Minister of defense Ahmed Tibi - Israeli Arab minister Gabi Ashkenazi - Tzahal general Two random terrorists Shimon Peres - president (considered pro peace and pro compromises) Avigdor Liberman - Minister (considered pro kicking ass for security, showing "who the boss is") Ahmedinejad - Iran's president and the nuclear threat. Obama, our friend beyond the "bush" And a Jew orthodox, praying to the holy wall.
Member reactions:
It's satire exhibition here - one great detail after another. Love how you positioned your team. Thanks for the list too. we can only hope a piece of the track up ahead is missing.

Funny Monks on a Roller Coaster

Monks on a Roller Coaster
Fun with roller coaster.
Member reactions:
Thank you for all.
I like the expressions, it's hilarious The mask can be improved though...
Thank you Iscoandco and thank you Kratos. i'm glad all of you like at this design.
Congratulations on your first gold, yosi.
I'm so surprised, Its my greatest score untill now . Thanks for all for Great votes .. Really respect all.
congrats.. i like all the facial rock the house yosi..

Funny Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster
Photoshop this roller coaster image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting people animals or objects into this roller coaster, putting the roller coaster into some new environment, using this roller coaster image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Yazmín Alonso and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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